President Donald Trump has said he plans to meet with Russia's President Vladimir Putin at the upcoming G20 summit. Putin has tried to use such meetings with American leaders to advance his worldview -- one that dates back nearly two decades and is the subject of a recent ISW-CTP study.

ISIS has deliberately cultivated a global footprint in order to diversify its holdings and mitigate against its territorial losses in Iraq and Syria. How will its 2019 Ramadan campaign fit into its broader set of global objectives?

The focus for the United States in Afghanistan is currently on negotiations with the Taliban and a political settlement to end the war. The immediate problem is this approach will fail to secure U.S. interests and sidesteps political and security realities on the ground.

ISIS has a unique and dangerous opportunity to exploit conditions in detention facilities and internally displaced persons’ camps across Northern Syria. The U.S. has an urgent requirement to help the Syrian Democratic Forces secure these facilities and process their inhabitants.

Russia has sustained its campaigns to prevent the expansion of NATO and the EU in the Balkans. The Kremlin is expanding its outreach in Serbia even as EU-mediated negotiations fail to restart talks between Serbia and Kosovo.

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Russia in the Balkans

European leaders are struggling to restart much-needed talks between Kosovo and Serbia. The Kremlin sees the current tensions as an opportunity to exploit for its own strategic gains. The latest in the Russian campaign in the Balkans is covered in ISW's Russia in Review update.