Text of Sadr Cease Fire Agreement

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Translated by Nathaniel Rabkin

After a series of meetings between the United Iraqi Alliance and the Sadrist Current, it has been agreed to adopt the following measures to achieve security in Sadr City:

1) A cease fire will begin at down on May 11, 2008 and to continue for four days in order to achieve the following:
a) Ending the illegal use of weapons
b) Removing the explosive devices and mines from all roads. This is to be carried out by the Iraqi government and no one has the right to oppose this.

2) At least one additional entrance to Sadr City will be opened.

3) The activities of the institutions and offices in Sadr City which have been interrupted will resume.

4) Iraqi forces will enter Sadr City and undertake their duties after these four days in order to impose state control and to establish the sovereignty of the law. They will prosecute illegal activities and no person or group has the right to interfere in their work, whether it be in the field of establishing security, providing services, or administering economic affairs.

5) The two sides will maintain a positive media discourse.

6) The government will take legal measures with regards to the violations committed by members of the army and police in the course of their work. To achieve this goal, the Prime Minister will form a committee to receive and investigate complaints.

7) All political parties have the right to pursue their activities with complete freedom in accordance with the law.

8) No arrests will be carried out except in pursuance of judicial arrest warrants and under the supervision of the Prime Minister, except for the arrest of those who turn their weapons against the state.

9) The Sadrist Current confirms that it does not possess medium or heavy weapons,a nd that the government has the right to raid and inspect any location where it is suspected that medium or heavy weapons are held in. These inspections are to be carried out in accordance with law and with respect for the integrity of the Offices of the Martyr Sadr.

10) The shelling from Sadr City of civilian areas, government institutions, and party offices, including the the Green Zone, will cease.

11) An effort will be made to increase the number of investigatory committees to deal with the cases of detainees from Sadr City in order to speed the release of the innocent and to prosecute those accused of crimes.

12) The government is the authority tasked with specifying which Iraqi forces are needed to establish security in the city, and it will avoid drawing ont he aid of foreign forces if the above points of this agreement are observed.

13) The Parliamentary Human Rights Committee will concern itself with the affairs of detainees in prison.

14) The United Iraqi Alliance will form a committee to implement the above points, and it shall be considered the guarantor of the government’s observance of these points if the Sadrist Current observes them as well.

15) The above mentioned committee of the United Iraqi Alliance will work to achieve the following goals:
a) To work towards the return of Sadrist families and others to the provinces that they abandoned as a result of recent security incidents.
b) To pursue the implementation of these measures in Baghdad and other provinces.

16) Work will begin on drafting procedures to compensate those who have suffered damages.

Posted on the internet May 12, 2008, at: http://al3marh.net/news/article880.html
The text appears to be a scanned document bearing the stamp of “The Office of the Martyr Sadr.”