ORBATs are back!

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Always one of our most popular military references, the ISW Order of Battles (ORBATs) for Iraq and Afghanistan are back! This important tool allows our readers to track the movements of US forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Our ORBATs, constructed by ISW researcher Wes Morgan, are the most detailed open-sourced description of units, down to the battalion level, in US military’s area of responsibilities.



Also, Dr. Kim Kagan (ISW) and Dr. Fred Kagan (AEI) have released a joint comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan. Distributed via PowerPoint, the Afghanistan Troop Requirements details the additional US forces needed to successfully fulfill the objectives President Obama laid out for Afghanistan and Pakistan in his March 27, 2009 speech.


ISW has had another big media week!! Listen to Gen. Jim Dubik's interview on NPR. Don’t forget to read Kim’s guest blog at the NY Times. Finally, tune your DVRs to record CPAN’s After Words program to watch ISW President speak about her latest book, The Surge: A Military History.  Next air time will be Saturday, September 26th at 10 AM.


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Megan Ortagus
Communications Director, ISW

<p>US troops conduct a foot patrol along the Tigris River south of Baghdad, Iraq. Photograph: David Furst/AFP/Getty images. <br /> &nbsp;</p>
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