Remembering 9/11

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This Saturday marks the 9th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. ISW would like to take this opportunity to honor those who were lost and give thanks to those who continue their sacrifice to keep us safe. The men and women of our armed forces serve with distinction and we must continue to recognize their bravery and determination.  ISAF forces under the command of General Petraeus are on the cusp of fully implementing their counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan.  The surge of American forces in the region is nearly complete and a varying degree of success is already evident.
This Afghanistan ORBAT (Order of Battle) describes the location and area of responsibility of all American units in Afghanistan down to the battalion level, updated as of September 2010.  The uncertainty surrounding the Kabul financial system has put the Karzai family back in the spotlight as questions of corruption and mismanagement continue to plague the prospects of effective and legitimate governance in the country. This coupled with a worsening situation in Pakistan, still reeling from weeks of flooding,  makes the next few months critical in garnering confidence and public support of both the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
In Iraq, after a much anticipated combat withdrawal last week, the hard work continues to ensure a stable government.  Check out ISW’s latest Iraq ORBAT here. Also, see our latest map of Iraq showing the disposition of the 6 Advise and Assist brigades still in country.
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Very respectfully,
Ian Galloway
Communications, ISW
<p>U.S. Soldiers hold candles at Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan, Sept. 11, 2010, during a vigil for those who lost their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. More than 200 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and civilians attended the vigil. (DoD photo by Master Sgt. Adam M. Stump, U.S. Air Force/Released)</p>
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