Watch Gen. Jones describe his compelling perspective on Iraq

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A few days ago, Major General Michael D. Jones returned from another tour in Iraq.  Over the past year, Gen. Jones had been in charge of overseeing the development and transformation of Iraqi Security Forces such as the police, border forces, National Police, oil protection forces, facilities protection forces, emergency response units, and ministerial forces and institutions.


In 2007, experts questioned whether Iraq's National Police could act as an effective, non-sectarian force that could maintain security in Iraq's cities.  The reform of the National Police and Iraq's Ministry of Interior, which controls the police, has transformed this troubled institution, and these improvements have been, in part, due to the successful leadership of Gen. Jones.


Upon his return, Gen. Jones sat down with ISW's Kim Kagan for a webcast interview to discuss his experiences as the Director General, Directorate of Interior Affairs, Multi-National Security Command Iraq.  During the interview, Gen. Jones discusses the current security situation in Iraq, how the National Police have grown and transformed, the security of Iraq's upcoming elections, securing Iraq's borders, and what the future holds for Iraq and its security forces.


Watch Gen. Jones describe his compelling perspective of Iraq.



<h6>Thousands of Shiite pilgrims walk across Sarafiyah Bridge on their way to the Kadhamiyah shrine in Baghdad, Iraq, July 29, 2008. The bridge was destroyed last year by insurgents and reopened to traffic in early 2008. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Lorie Jewell, U.S. Army.</h6>
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