What Are the Right Lessons to Learn from Iraq?

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As President Obama deliberates a new strategy for Afghanistan, many have mistakenly made historical comparisons between this conflict and Vietnam. Yet, the counterinsurgency strategy implemented in Iraq from 2007-2008 provides more recent lessons to be learned when fighting modern insurgencies.


Although no two wars are the same, media and policy makers are largely ignoring the important lessons the U.S. military learned in Iraq just one year ago.


To help explain why the counterinsurgency strategy was so successful in Iraq, ISW has produced a military documentary which accurately portrays the real story of the Surge, as told by top U.S. commanders. The Surge: the Untold Story is the only documentary of its kind offering audiences never-before-seen-interviews with GEN David Petraeus, GEN Raymond Odierno, AMB Ryan Crocker and many others.


Click here for a sneak peak of the film.


You are invited to the premier screening
and panel discussion on this new documentary


When: Monday, November 9, 2009
Noon until 2 PM

Where: The National Press Club
529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor


Key players from the Iraq Surge will discuss their experiences and the lessons learned which could apply to Afghanistan today.


We are honored to have opening remarks by GEN Jack Keane (ret.) Panelists include: GEN James Dubik (ret.), COL David Sutherland, Michael Gordon and Dr. Kim Kagan.


Lunch will be served. Space is limited so please confirm your attendance by Friday, November 6th to Megan Ortagus mortagus@understandingwar.org or (202) 293-6937 x210.


For more details, visit http://www.understandingwar.org/press-media/event/premier-event-surge-untold-story-never-seen-interviews.


Many thanks,


Megan Ortagus
Communications Director, ISW

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