ISW Publishes New Backgrounder on Rebel Groups in Northern Aleppo Province

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As conflict continues across Syria, international and media attention has increasingly fallen on the city of Aleppo. The ongoing showdown between rebel and regime forces in Aleppo is rooted in the months-old conflict in Aleppo’s northern countryside.

In a new Backgrounder titled “Rebel Groups in Northern Aleppo Province,” ISW Researcher Jeffrey Bolling provides a clear picture of the structure and leadership of the various rebel groups operating in Northern Aleppo Province.. In particular, the emergence of the Tawhid Brigade in July 2012 marked a definitive development in Aleppo’s armed opposition movement.  For the first time in the Syrian uprising, a unit has established a province-wide chain of command and is capable of coordinating operations between ideologically diverse battalions in conjunction with a provincial military council.

Syrian opposition groups in the Aleppo countryside have experienced substantial organizational growth in recent months and it is critical to understand these groups in order to understand the path the conflict is taking.

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