Ahmed Ali

Research Analyst-Iraq Team Lead


Ahmed Ali is an Iraq Senior Research Analyst and Iraq Team Lead at ISW. He focuses on the political dynamics of Iraq, including democratization, Arab-Kurdish relations, Kirkuk, national reconciliation, security affairs, relations between the legislative and executive branches of the Iraqi government, and Iraq’s foreign policy. Mr. Ali has been researching Iraqi affairs since 2006 and was previously an analyst at Georgetown University where he researched and wrote on Middle Eastern affairs. From 2008-2011, Mr. Ali was a scholar at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy where he authored over 20 reports including coauthoring the Institute’s study on Kirkuk “Kirkuk in Transition: Confidence Building in Northern Iraq” and the Institute’s study on Iran’s influence in Iraq.

Mr. Ali regularly briefs military, diplomatic, and non-profit organizations on the situation in Iraq. He has published articles in Foreign Policy Magazine and the Arab Reform Bulletin. He has provided commentary for the national and international media including Voice of America, Al-Hurra Television, Al-Jazeera, Al-Jazeera English, the Christian Science Monitor, Danish Television, Canadian CTV, and WABC Radio. His work has been quoted and featured by the Economist and various Iraqi, Arab, and Kurdish media outlets.

Mr. Ali is a graduate of Grinnell College, Iowa. He is native in Arabic, fluent in Kurdish, and proficient in Farsi. 

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