Christopher Harmer

Senior Naval Analyst, Non-resident

Christopher Harmer is a Senior Naval Analyst with the Middle East Security Project. He wrote the ISW Fact Sheet "Iran's Submarine Force", which addresses recent industrial developments in Iran that have increased the readiness and lethality of the Iranian submarine force.  He has also authored such reports as U.S. Navy Positions Ships for Possible Strike Against Syrian Targets and Iranian Naval and Maritime Strategy.

Prior to joining ISW, Mr. Harmer served for twenty years as a career officer in the U.S. Navy. Among his various postings, he served as the Deputy Director of Future Operations at the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet in Manama, Bahrain from February 2008 to May 2009.

Mr. Harmer graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.A. in History. He received an M.A. in International Relations from Troy University, an M.A. in International Policy from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and has also studied at the U.S. Naval War College.


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