Christopher Kozak

Editor and Senior Analyst


Christopher Kozak is an Editor and Senior Analyst at the Institute for the Study of War. His research has focused on on Syria with an emphasis on the Bashar al Assad regime and Iranian involvement in the Syrian Civil War. Christopher is the author of An Army in All Corners: Assad’s Campaign Strategy in Syria and has published several articles regarding the security situation in Syria, including “The Assad Regime Under Stress: Conscription and Protest among Alawite and Minority Populations in Syria”, “The Islamic State Eyes Expansion in Damascus”, and “The YPG Campaign for Tel Abyad and Northern ar-Raqqa Province”. He previously worked with ISW’s Iraq Team, where he studied ISIS’s military strategy and use of social media. Christopher received his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double-major in Political Science and International Studies (Global Security). He is proficient in Arabic and conversational Spanish.