Harleen Gambhir

Non-Resident Counterterrorism Fellow

Harleen Gambhir is a Non-Resident Counterterrorism Fellow at the Institute for the Study of War. She focuses on the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s global strategy and operations, as well as on the organization's propaganda and digital presence.

Ms. Gambhir served as a co-author on ISW’s new report series: U.S. Grand Strategy to defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda including, Al Qaeda and ISIS: Existential Threats to the U.S. and Europe and Competing Visions for Iraq and Syria: The Myth of an Anti-ISIS Grand Coalition. At ISW, Ms. Gambhir has also authored ISIS's Global Strategy: A Wargame, ISIS in Afghanistan, and Dabiq: The Strategic Messaging of the Islamic State. She is the lead on several of ISW’s technology partnerships.

Ms. Gambhir is a graduate of ISW’s Hertog War Studies Program and has written for The Wall Street Journal (“Islamic State’s Global Ambitions"), The Washington Post ("The Islamic State's Trap for Europe") and Politico ("Meet ISIL's Most Dangerous Affiliates"). She has briefed  members of Congress and their staff, and members of the defense and intelligence communities on the threat of ISIS's global expansion. She has also been quoted by The New York Times, Reuters, and Foreign Policy, and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and BBC, among others. Ms. Gambhir received her B.A. with honors from Harvard University in Social Studies, with a focus on Democracy and Technology in the 21st Century. 

The Latest from Harleen Gambhir

"ISIS also has a more insidious campaign which is its campaign to polarize and destabilize the West....So ISIS hopes that frequent, constant attacks in its name will actually encourage European states and societies to lash back against their own Muslim populations."