Surge Panel at National Press Club (CSPAN)

This week The Institute for the Study of War hosted a discussion on the 2007-2008 U.S. troop surge in Iraq in conjunction with the release of a new documentary entitled The Surge: the Untold Story at the National Press Club in Washington.

Colonel David Sutherland and Lt. Gen. James Dubik, both deployed during the Surge, discussed the documentary detailing the troop increase and its effects on the war. They were joined by New York Times’ chief military correspondent Michael Gordon and ISW President Dr. Kim Kagan.

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The Surge: the Untold Story (video)

The Surge: the Untold Story

New Documentary Features Never-Before-Seen Interviews with Top U.S. Commanders! 


The Surge: the Untold Story is the only documentary of its kind offering audiences a look into the real story of the Surge in Iraq, as told by top U.S. military commanders. These never-before-seen interviews move beyond Washington politics to tell the ground truth of a failing mission transformed into one of the most successful military operations in a generation of war fighting.

Understanding the Surge - The Trailer from ISW on Vimeo.

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"Afghanistan Prepares for Presidential Runoff" (VOA News)

Afghanistan Prepares for Presidential Runoff

ISW Research Analyst Haseeb Humayoon talks with VOA News' Ravi Khanna, October, 26, 2009



"Afghanistan is getting ready for a second-round presidential election between President Hamid Karzai and former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, after a fraud investigation brought Mr. Karzai's totals to below 50 percent.

The United Nations has begun delivering ballots across Afghanistan to prepare for the November 7 runoff between President Hamid Karzai and former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah.

The second round comes after the election commission nullified nearly one million votes cast in August presidential polls. The investigation brought Mr. Karzai's vote count below 50 percent, enough to trigger a runoff"

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