LTG James Dubik (Ret.) "US-Egypt Military Relationship Might Impact Crisis" (VOA News)

US-Egypt Military Relationship Might Impact Crisis

January 31, 2011

Al Pessin | VOA News

"When the demonstrations in Egypt began last week, the second-ranking Egyptian military officer was in Washington for a week of meetings with senior American officers.  Lieutenant General Sami Anan cut his visit short and returned home on Friday."

"But not long after he arrived in Egypt, Anan received a telephone call from the top U.S. military officer, Admiral Michael Mullen, who, a spokesman says, “expressed his appreciation for the continued professionalism of the Egyptian military.”  The spokesman says the two officers reaffirmed their desire for the U.S.-Egypt military “partnership” to continue, and pledged to stay in touch."

"It seems like a routine news release, but in the context of the growing demonstrations against the Egyptian government and the army’s presence on the country's streets, analysts say it was evidence of an important 'back channel' in U.S.-Egypt communications."

"It is the kind of channel very familiar to retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General James Dubik, who is now a senior fellow at the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War. “Relationships often are important in the discussions or negotiations between nations where the formal conduits may, for whatever reason, be less helpful," he said."

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