ISIS Sanctuary Map

This map shows areas of Control, Attack, and Support for ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS Sanctuary: August 13, 2015

Since the publication of ISW's last ISIS Sanctuary Map on June 19, 2015, ISIS has escalated attacks to fix opponents in order to protect its core terrain in Iraq and Syria. ISIS launched a failed offensive on Hasaka City to divert Syrian Kurdish forces after the Kurds seized terrain north of ISIS's stronghold of Raqqa. ISIS also escalated attacks against Syrian rebels north of Aleppo, likely in order to disrupt potential efforts by Turkey to establish an "ISIS-free" zone in the area.

Tracking ISIS Since (Before) the Islamic State

The ISIS Sanctuary Maps from the last 14 months (and longer) show how ISW has tracked the conflict and become the recognized expert on ISIS's expansion. As we approach the one-year anniversary of U.S. and coalition airstrikes against ISIS, we have collected all our Sanctuary Maps, along with examples of where they have appeared, to help show the role ISW is proud to have played in tracking ISIS.