Global News Alert - December 21, 2010


NY Times- Life and Death Decisions Weigh on Junior Officers by James Dao

Washington Post- Gauging the price tag for Afghanistan's security

VOA- Former US Ambassador Thomas Pickering Pushes for Greater UN Involvement in Afghanistan by Ira Mellman

Reuters- France receives video of hostages in Afghanistan

Guardian- Taliban using opium stocks like savings nest egg

Washington Post- Afghanistan delivers a belated, muted criticism of Obama's war review by Pamela Constable


LA Times- NATO denies having plans for raids inside Pakistan by Laura King

NY Times- U.S. Military Seeks to Expand Raids in Pakistan by Mark Mazzetti and Dexter Filkins

BBC- Nato convoy ambushed in Khyber, Pakistan

AFP- Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile


Washington Post-A look at Iraq's top leaders

Bloomberg- Iraq Lawmakers to Consider Cabinet, Months After Vote by Nayla Razzouk and Kadhim Ajrash

Washington Post- Iraq's Camp Bucca becoming commercial center by Sinan Salaheddin

World Tribune- Iraq foils Al Qaida in first solo security operation


BBC- Powerful earthquake hits south-east Iran

AFP- Lebanon's Hariri camp lashes out at Iran's Khamenei

Guardian- Subsidy reforms threaten legitimacy of Ahmadinejad by Meir Javedanfar

Washington Post- Will Obama get tough with Tehran? by Jennifer Rubin


Reuters- China urges North Korea to accept nuclear inspectors by Wee Sui-lee and Sylvia Westall

NY Times- British Police Round Up 12 in Counterterrorism Raids by Alan Cowell

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