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Operation Iron Hammer

A division-level offensive that targeted al Qaeda throughout Salah ad Din, Diyala, Ninewah, and Tamim provinces during Operation Phantom Strike.

ISW Interview with COL J.B. Burton, Commander of Dagger Brigade, Baghdad, Iraq




As part of a series of interviews with Brigade and Division-level commanders in Iraq,  I spoke today with COL J.B. Burton, commander of the 2nd BCT, 1st Infantry Division (Dagger Brigade) about the clearing of Mansour and the continuing fight against both Sunni and Shi'a extremists as part of Operation Fardh al-Qanoon. You can access the video, Col. Burton's briefing slides, and the transcript below.

Karkh (الكرخ)

The Karkh security district is located in the heart of Baghdad; a significant portion of the district is occupied by the International Zone, also known as the Green Zone, site of the U.S. Embassy. Karkh is perhaps best known for the main road, Haifa Street, which runs from the International Zone northwest to the neighborhood of Sheikh Ma’arouf and Kadhimiyah.

Mansour (المنصور)

The Mansour security district is located in western Baghdad stretching from the Abu Ghraib area and the airport east to Karkh. Bounded by the Shi’a-dominated Kadhimiyah to the north and Rashid to the south, Mansour is overwhelmingly Sunni, with a few mixed areas remaining in Yarmouk in the southeast.

Kadhimiyah (الكاظمية)

The Kadhimiyah security district is located in northwest Baghdad. Its eastern neighborhoods line the west bank of the Tigris River. Named after the shrine of the seventh Shi'a Imam, Musa al-Kazimi, the district is principally inhabited by Shi'a Muslims. Its main neighborhoods include Shula, Huriya, Zahra, Kadhimiyah, Salaam, Fajr, and Atifiya.  Although portions of Kadhimiyah were inhabited by Sunnis prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, widespread sectarian violence during 2006 and 2007 forced many of them out.

Rusafa (الرصافة)

The Rusafa security district is situated on the eastern bank of the Tigris River in the heart of the city. Rusafa neighbors the Adhamiyah district to the north, and the districts of Karadah and 9 Nissan to the south and southeast. Rusafa also neighbors Sadr City along its northeastern border, and this proximity has given rise to a strong influence of Shi’a militias.