This map is part of Middle East Security Report 1: Iran's Two Navies-A Maturing Maritime Strategy

"In addition, Iran has added new anti-ship cruise missiles, along with associated enhanced radar and C2 structures,to its inventory to supplement existing missile stockpiles.58 Based on press images from the unveiling ceremony (and later confirmed by Western sources), the missiles appear to be variants of the C-802 anti-ship cruise missile used successfully by Lebanese Hizbollah to strike the Israeli Naval Ship Hanit, a Saar-V class corvette, in 2006.59"

The extension of the box launcher reflects a slightly longer missile, which may indicate longer range. The use of these assets outside the Gulf would align with Sayyari’s October 2008 speech at the opening ceremony of the new IRIN naval base at Jask, a small fishing port 300 kilometers east of Bandar Abbas, in which he claimed, 'A new line of defense has been established to the east of the Strait of Hormuz … and if necessary we can prevent any enemy ship from entering the Persian Gulf.'60"

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