Haqqani Network Family Tree

The Haqqani network’s senior leadership is drawn from the immediate family, specifically the sons and brothers of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the family patriarch. Jalaluddin had three brothers, although one died during the Afghan-Soviet war. Through his two wives, he has at least nine sons. Although he remains an important spiritual and ideological figurehead, Jalaluddin passed the leadership to Siraj, a son from his Zadran wife. Badruddin, another son of the Zadran wife, is reportedly the network’s operational commander, planning and coordinating high-profile attacks in Afghanistan.

Siraj’s uncles Khalil Ahmed and Ibrahim Omari are important military commanders and fundraisers, frequently traveling abroad to raise money for the organization. Through his Arab step-mother and three half-brothers, Siraj also has significant connections in the Gulf. Although NATO operations have resulted in the death of Siraj’s mother and two of his brothers, as well as the detention of an uncle and another brother, the majority of the senior Haqqani leadership is still intact.

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