Kurdish Elections this Saturday – New ISW Backgrounder Gives You the Scoop!

It’s no secret that Arab-Kurd tensions have reached a boiling point as the KRG marches forward with the June 2009 approval of a highly controversial KRG constitution and the signing of oil contracts, which the central government views as illegal. Baghdad remains intent on checking Kurdish autonomy and the rifts between Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki and KRG President Barzani could spell instability and possibly violence for Iraq.


The 2009 Kurdish Elections Backgrounder provides a historical understanding of Iraqi Kurdistan since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s control of the region in 1992. This report contextualizes the current election processes and provides readers with a unique view of the region’s governing authorities.


ISW always strives to give our readers an evolving and current picture of the political and military dynamics in both Iraq and Afghanistan, by providing the most comprehensive analysis on the market. We hope you find this report informative.

<p>The Kurdish National Flag flies from the hillside outside of Arbil, Arbil Province, Iraq (IRQ), during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.</p>
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