The long awaited ORBATs for Iraq & Afghanistan are here!

The ORBAT is an exceptional resource which tracks American troops and Multi-National Forces rotating in, out and around both Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, each units’ area of responsibility, down to the battalion level, is listed as of July 2009.ISW derives all information in the ORBAT from open sources that are readily available and cited in the document.

As of June 30th, 2009, the security agreement signed by then President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki called for a withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from all major Iraqi cities. With this shift in coalition forces, the Iraq ORBAT provides a timely understanding of the current American presence in Iraq. In Afghanistan, the ORBAT is particularly vital for locating new units due President Obama’s troop surge - sending in an additional 21,000 soldiers and Marines.
While both war fronts remain fluid, ISW continues to provide readers with critical research unparalleled by other institutions. Our goal is to provide a constant and current picture of the changing dynamics on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. To that end, we also invite you to read ISW’s newIraq Report #14: Balancing Maliki, to get a full picture of Iraqi politics since the January 2009 Provincial elections.
<p>New ISW Communications Director, Megan Ortagus, with local children in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Kunar borders the Pakistan border and current home to 1-32 Infantry; detached from 3rd BCT, 10th Mountain.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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