New Leadership in Afghanistan

Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced that there would be a change in leadership in the Afghan theater.  Subject to Senate confirmation, Gen. David McKiernan will be replaced by Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal.  The change comes just shortly after President Obama announced that 21,000 additional troops would be sent to Afghanistan this year.  To see what force strength Lt. Gen. McChrystal will have to work with on the ground, be sure to check out ISW's newly updated Afghanistan Order of Battle (ORBAT).  The ORBAT is a valuable tool to understand the Area of Operations for particular units, as well as the movements of units inside the theater.


<p>Official photo of Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal. On Monday, May 11, 2009, McChrystal was named as the replacement for Gen. David McKiernan who will be stepping down in Afghanistan. (DoD Photo)</p>
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