Kagans Release Comprehensive Strategy for Afghanistan

Contact: Megan Ortagus
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September 22, 2009

Fred and Kim Kagan have released a timely analysis of force requirements needed to successfully fulfill the President’s objectives in Afghanistan.

Washington, D.C. - Dr. Kimberly Kagan of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and Dr. Fred Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) have joined forces to produce a thoughtful and detailed presentation on the necessary troop requirements needed for a proper counterinsurgency effort in Afghanistan. This report prioritizes troop placement in provinces critical to the Taliban and other enemy groups while also calling on the U.S. and international community to help reform the Afghan government so it can establish legitimacy with its people.

Click here for a free copy of the ISW and AEI joint PowerPoint by Fred and Kim Kagan: http://www.understandingwar.org/press-media/commentary/afghanistan-force-requirements

"The American people need to have a detailed explanation as soon as possible of what forces are needed, how they might be used, and why there is no other alternative for success except the strategy offered by General McChrystal ," explained Kim Kagan.

"We have produced a report that argues for an addition of 40,000-45,000 U.S. troops in 2010 to the 68,000 American forces that will be there by the end of this year. The report illustrates where U.S., NATO, and Afghan forces are now and where additional forces are needed to accomplish the mission. It links the U.S. force requirements to the growth of the Afghan National Security Forces on an accelerated timeline. It explains the methodology for assessing the adequacy of a proposed force-level. This product, and our recommendations and assessments, are entirely our own - they do not necessarily reflect the views of General McChrystal or anyone else," said Fred Kagan.

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