Global News Alert - November 4, 2009

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Wall Street Journal - Karzai Starts Anew With Familiar Vows, by Alan Cullison

Christian Science Monitor - Karzai second-term goals: unity, stamping out corruption, by Ben Arnoldy

Washington Times - Afghan President Karzai promises reform, by Amir Shah and Heidi Vogt

Los Angeles Times - Afghanistan's Karzai promises an inclusive government, by Alexandra Zavis

VOA News - Afghanistan's Abdullah Says Karzai Re-election Lacks Legitimacy

Associated Press - Main Rival Criticizes Karzai Reelection as Illegal

VOA News - Afghan Electoral Outcome Presents Both Problems, Opportunity for US, by Gary Thomas

Reuters - Europe reluctant to send more troops to Afghanistan, by Ross Colvin

New York Times - Afghan Police Officer Kills Five British Soldiers, by Alissa J. Rubin and Alan Cowell

Associated Press - Afghan Policeman Kills Five U.K. Soldiers

Washington Post - U.K.: 5 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, by Joshua Partlow - 5 British soldiers shot dead in Afghanistan

Department of Defense - Combat Advisors See Afghan Troops in Action, by Army Sgt. Stephen Decatur

Los Angeles Times - Obama and German Chancellor Merkel meet to discuss climate change, Afghanistan, by Michael Muskal



Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Abandons Amnesty for Zardari, by Zahid Hussain

New York Times - Pakistanis Seek Blame for Bombing, by Sabrina Tavernise

Washington Times - Pakistani refugees resigned to long siege, by Ralph Joseph

Reuters - Pakistani forces say enter a main Taliban base

BBC News - Pakistan army 'kills 21 Taliban' - Pakistan's military claims Taliban stronghold

Associated Press - Pakistan militants kill 2 women teachers

Long War Journal - Pakistan captures two Taliban strongholds in South Waziristan, by Bill Roggio



New York Times - Iraq Swears by Bomb Detector U.S. Sees as Useless, by Rod Nordland

New York Times - Iraq Signs Contract to Develop Oil Field, by Timothy Williams

Reuters - BP, CNPC, sign Iraq's 1st big post-invasion oil deal, by Ahmed Rasheed

Wall Street Journal - Iraq to Award Oil Field To ExxonMobil, Shell, by Hassan Hafidh

Washington Post - Iraqi logjam over vote law has U.S. anxious, by Ernesto Londono and K.I. Ibrahim

Associated Press - Iraqi election head warns parliament of vote delay, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra

Department of Defense - Brigade Prepared for 'Advise, Assist' Mission, by Donna Miles

VOA News - Health Officials Report 7 Swine Flu Deaths in Iraq



New York Times - Iran's Leader Faults U.S. 'Arrogance' in Nuclear Talks, by Robert F. Worth

Christian Science Monitor - Iran warns opposition on eve of 30th anniversary of US Embassy seizure, by Scott Peterson

New York Times - In Iran, From Heroes to State Enemies, by Michael Slackman

Washington Post - Iran's Khamenei rejects U.S. outreach, by Thomas Erdbrink and William Branigin

New York Times - Iran Clashes on Anniversary of Embassy Takeover, by Robert F Worth and Alan Cowell

Associated Press - Iranian Police Clash With Protesters

Los Angeles Times - Iran's anti-government protestors clash with security forces, by Ramin Mostaghim and Borzou Daragahi




New York Times - Short-Term Fixes Sought in Mideast, by Mark Landler

Associated Press - Clinton in Cairo to Meet With Egyptian Leaders

VOA News - Clinton Says Washington Following Through on Obama Cairo Promises, by Scott Stearns

VOA News - Clinton to Ask Egypt for Help; Can Cairo Deliver?, by Elizabeth Arrott

Associated Press - Cairo torn by Jewish past, by Matti Friedman and Hadeel al-Shalchi

Associated Press - Clinton Diverts to Egypt for Mideast Peace Talks


New York Times - Israel Says Hamas Test-Fired Rocket, by Isabel Kershner

Associated Press - Israel's Military Says Hamas Rockets Can Reach Tel Aviv

Washington Post - U.S. hope dims for high-level Israeli-Palestinian talks over state, by Karen DeYoung and Howard Schneider

Associated Press - Israel Navy Captures Arms Ship

Washington Post - Military: Israel navy captures arms ship, by Howard Schneider

Associated Press - Settlers evict E. Jerusalem residents, by Michael Barajas

North Korea

Wall Street Journal - North Korea Backtracks on Nuclear Fuel, by Evan Ramstad

Christian Science Monitor - North Korea announces reprocessing of more nuclear weapons fuel, by Huma Yusuf

Associated Press - N.K. raises threat, seeks direct U.S. talks, by Jae-soon Chang

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