Global News Update - October 24-26, 2009

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New York Times - 14 Americans Die in Afghan Helicopter Crashes, by Dexter Filkins

Associated Press - Helicopter Crashes Kill 14 Americans in Afghanistan

VOA News - 3 NATO Helicopters Crash in Afghanistan, Killing 14 Americans

Reuters - Two Afghan Helicopter Crashes Kill 14 Americans

Los Angeles Times - Chopper crashes kill 14 Americans in Afghanistan, by Laura King

Associated Press - 14 Americans killed in 2 Afghan helicopter crashes, by Heidi Vogt

AFP - Chopper crashes in Afghanistan kill 14 Americans

Times Online UK - Fourteen Americans dead as helicopters crash in Afghan raids, by Jerome Starkey and Jenny Booth

New York Times - Afghan Election Rests on the Backs of Donkeys, by Sabrina Tavernise

Washington Post - Afghan challenger calls for election chief's ouster, by Joshua Partlow and Pamela Constable

Associated Press - Afghan challenger calls for election chief ouster

Christian Science Monitor - Afghanistan election: Karzai rival suggests terms for fair election runoff, by Ben Arnoldy

Washington Post - Afghan challenger considers runoff boycott, by Joshua Partlow and Pamela Constable

Wall Street Journal - Taliban Aim to Disrupt Afghan Runoff, by Anand Gopal

Associated Press - Taliban threatens Afghan runoff voters, by Heidi Vogt

Washington Post - Karzai holds head high as nation turns to runoff, by Pamela Constable

New York Times - 4 Afghans Killed as U.S. Convoy Fires at Car, by Alissa J. Rubin

New York Times - Afghan Rivals Rule Out Power-Sharing Deal, by Alissa J. Rubin

AFP - Karzai questions reliability of the U.S.

Los Angeles Times - Afghans protest rumored desecration of Koran by U.S. troops, by Laura King

Washington Post - U.S. tested 2 Afghan scenarios in war game, by Greg Jaffe and Karen DeYoung

Department of Defense - Gates Receives 'Mounting Endorsements' of Strategy Proposals, by Donna Miles

Associated Press - Senators split on timing of Afghan decision, by Matthew Lee

Washington Post - Karzai rules out sharing power, by Joshua Partlow and Pamela Constable

Washington Times - U.S. troops hope Afghanistan sacrifices not in vain, by Sara A. Carter

Washington Post Opinion - Lies, damn lies and counterinsurgency benchmarks, by Carlos Lozada

Washington Times Opinion - Firmness and no wobbling, by Marco Vicenzino



Wall Street Journal - Deadly Blasts Rock Baghdad, Killing Dozens, by Gina Chon

New York Times - Iraq Bombings, Deadliest Since 2007, Raise Security Issue, by Timothy Williams

VOA News - Dual Baghdad Bombings Kill 155, Wounding 500

Los Angeles Times - Iraq car bombings kill 147, by Liz Sly and Usama Redha

Reuters - Death Toll Rises to 155 in Twin Baghdad Bombings

Washington Post - Bombings rock Iraq's political landscape, by Anthony Shadid

Washington Times - Baghdad blasts kill 155, by Eli Lake

Associated Press - Bombings target government in Baghdad; 147 killed, by Rebecca Santana

Los Angeles Times - Baghdad blasts: Bloodshed and mayhem, by Ned Parker and Caesar Ahmed

Christian Science Monitor - Baghdad bombings: Iraqis at the scene blame political parties, by Jane Arraf

VOA News - Obama Condemns Deadly Twin Suicide Bombings in Baghdad, by Victor Beattie

Department of Defense - U.S. Forces Prepare Iraqis to Train Others, by Army Pfc. Princeville Lawrence

New York Times Opinion - Eyes on the Prize, by Thomas L. Friedman



New York Times - Pakistani Army Captures Taliban Stronghold, by Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah

Reuters - Pakistanis battle Taliban after diversionary raid

VOA News - Pakistani Troops Push Farther into Taliban Stronghold

Reuters - Pakistan Forces Bomb Taliban

New York Times - Pakistan Air Force Site Is Bombed, by Jane Perlez

Associated Press - Pakistan Said to Seize Taliban Town

New York Times Blog - Islamabad on Edge, by Salman Masood

Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan bombs Taliban after capturing key town, by Kristen Chick

BBC News - Pakistan attack kills four troops

Associated Press - Taliban chief's hometown captured, by Asif Shahzad



New York Times - Glittering Emissaries' Dazzle Wears Off in the Trenches, by Mark Landler

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Wall Street Journal - Genocide Trial Set to Begin for Karadzic, by Marc Champion

Times Online UK - Radovan Karadzic refuses to leave cell at beginning of genocide trial, by David Charter

Associated Press - Karadzic Boycotts Opening of Trial


BBC News - Deadly train collision in Egypt

VOA News - At Least 18 Killed in Egyptian Train Collision - Trains collide in Egypt, killing up to 20


New York Times - Both Iran and West Fear a Trap on Uranium Deal, by David E. Sanger

Associated Press - U.N. Inspectors Visit Iranian Site

Reuters - Iran to Decide on Atom Fuel Deal in a "Few Days"

Associated Press - U.N. watchdog team visits Iran nuclear site, by Ali Akbar Dareini


New York Times - Israeli Police Clash With Palestinians at Sacred Compound in Jerusalem, by Isabel Kershner

Los Angeles Times - Israeli police, Palestinian protesters clash, by Richard Boudreaux

Christian Science Monitor - Israeli police storm Jerusalem's holiest shrine, by Ilene R. Prusher

Washington Post - Israel conference to open amid controversy, by Dan Eggen

Reuters - Palestinians Say No Peace Talks Soon

North Korea

Reuters - South Korea Shifts Courses on Aid to North Korea


New York Times - Ingushetia Opposition Figure Is Shot Dead in Car, by Ellen Barry

Washington Post - Opposition figure in Ingushetia is killed, by Philip P. Pan

Saudi Arabia

Associated Press - 60 Lashes Ordered for Saudi Woman

United Kingdom

Wall Street Journal - Lockerbie Authorities Seek Leads, by Paul Sonne

Christian Science Monitor - Could IRA splinter groups bring back Northern Ireland's Troubles?, by Jason Walsh


New York Times - In Yemen, War Centers on Authority, Not Terrain, by Robert F. Worth

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