Global News Update - October 29, 2009

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Wall Street Journal - Taliban Stage Pair of Bloody Raids, by Yaroslav Trofimov and Matthew Rosenberg

Wall Street Journal - In Afghan Village, French Outreach Yields an Ambush, by Yaroslav Trofimov

New York Times - U.S. Sees Makeshift Bombs Moving Beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, by Thom Shanker

Washington Post - Obama seeks study on local leaders for troop decision, by Scott Wilson and Greg Jaffe

Reuters - Report: Obama Asks for Study on Afghan Provincial Leaders

Los Angeles Times - Afghan attacks put aid programs at risk, by Alexandra Zavis

Reuters - Five U.N. Foreign Staff Killed in Attack in Kabul

Associated Press - UN re-evaluates Afghan mission after bloody attack, by Todd Pitman

New York Times - Attack in Afghan Capital Illustrates Taliban's Reach, by Sabrina Tavernise and Sangar Rahimi

Washington Post - 5 U.N. staffers killed in Kabul, by Pamela Constable

Associated Press - Taliban hits U.N. guesthouse in Kabul; 11 dead, by Rahim Faiez

Christian Science Monitor - Ahmed Wali Karzai and the CIA: America's conundrum in Afghanistan, by Mark Sappenfield

New York Times - Reported Ties From C.I.A. to a Karzai Spur Rebukes, by Mark Mazzetti

Times Online UK - UN Staff killed as suicide bombers strike in a bid to wreck Afghan poll, by Jerome Starkey

Associated Press - Obama meets casket of fallen troops

BBC News - Obama honours Afghanistan Killed

New York Times Blog - A Resignation in Afghanistan Reverberates, by James Dao

New York Times Blog - Ask John Burns: Karzai's Brother ant the C.I.A., by John F. Burns

Los Angeles Times Opinion - Troop level in Afghanistan is the easy part, by Doyle McManus

New York Times Opinion - More Schools, Not Troops, by Nicholas D. Kristof



Wall Street Journal - Kurds Plan to Boycott Iraqi Vote On Kirkuk, by Gina Chon

Associated Press - Kurd leader demands control of oil-rich Kirkuk, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra

VOA News - Iraq to Vote on Kirkuk Balloting Guidelines - Iraqi Kurdish bloc to boycott vote

New York Times - Deep Corruption Rattles Iraq's Fragile State, by Marc Santora

Reuters - U.N. Official Heads to Iraq After Baghdad Bombings

Associated Press - Iraq Arrests 61 Over Baghdad Blasts

BBC News - Police arrested over Iraq bombing



Los Angeles Times - Deadly Pakistani attack hits market filled with women, by Alex Rodriguez

New York Times - U.S. Quietly Speeds Aid for Pakistani Drives on Taliban, by Eric Schmitt

Washington Post - Blast eclipses Clinton's Pakistan visit, by Karen DeYoung and Haq Nawaz Khan

Washington Times - Clinton, Pakistani students in lively exchange, by Robert Burns

VOA News - Clinton Focuses on Common Interests During Pakistan Diplomacy Tour

New York Times - Clinton Arrival in Pakistan Met by Fatal Attacks, by Mark Landler and Ismail Khan

Associated Press - Pakistan market bomb kills 100, by Riaz Khan

Long War Journal - 89 killed in car bomb attack in Peshawar, by Bill Roggio



Associated Press - Khameinei: Questioning Iran Election Is a Crime

New York Times - Jailed Iranian-American is Said to be in Solitary Confinement, by Nazila Fathi

Los Angeles Times - Iran's president appears to back nuclear proposal, by Borzou Daragahi and Ramin Mostaghim

VOA News - Iran: 'Ready to Cooperate' on Nuclear Fuel Exchange

Associated Press - Ahmadinejad Says West, Iran Cooperating on Nuclear Issue

Los Angeles Times - House panel approves bill to punish Iran, by Paul Richter

Times Online UK - Tehran court gives British Embassy 'plotter' a four-year sentence, by Catherine Philp

New York Times - Iran Offers Nuclear Cooperation by No 'Retreat,' by Alan Cowell

Washington Times - Sunnis say crackdown exposes political flaws, by Jumana al-Tamimi

Los Angeles Times Blog - IRAN: Ahmadinejad, Turkish premier find common ground on nuclear issue, by Meris Lutz




New York Times - On One Field, Two Goals: Equality and Statehood, by Isabel Kershner


New York Times - Europe Seizes Somali Pirates Who My Be Pair's Captors, by Jack Healy and Hohammed Ibrahim

New York Times - Couple Feared Captured by Pirates, by John F. Burns


Christian Science Monitor - As US seeks closer ties with Turkmenistan, government cracks down on students, by Robin Forestier-Walker

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