ISW Global News Update - October 1, 2009

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New York Times - Several Afghan Strategies, None a Clear Choice, by Peter Baker and Eric Schmitt

Reuters - Obama hears opinions on new strategy in Afghanistan, by Steve Holland

LA Times - Obama, war council review Afghanistan strategy, by Julian E. Barnes and Christi Parsons

BBC - Should US focus on al-Qaeda havens? by Kim Ghattas

Wall Street Journal - Gates Doubts U.S.'s Afghan Strategy, by Yochi J. Dreazen

Washington Times - GOP: Let generals testify on Afghan war, by Matthew Mosk and S.A. Miller

BBC - 'Different' Afghan strategy urged

Times Online UK - White House split on second Afghan troop surge, by Jenny Booth

Reuters - Obama to take weeks to study Afghanistan strategy

LA Times - Afghanistan's people have advice for U.S., by Mark Magnier

New York Times - After Clash Over Afghan Elections, U.N. Fires a Diplomat, by Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Neil McFarquhar

Times Online UK - Sacked envoy Peter Galbraith accuses UN of 'cover-up' on Afghan vote fraud, by James Bone

Associated Press - Afghan lawmakers charge UN with election bias, by Heidi Vogt

Times Online UK - British troops destroy Taleban stronghold, by Michael Evans

Long War Journal - Afghan police detain Taliban shadow governor of Bamyan, by Bill Roggio

New York Times - Airstrike Kills Eight in Afghanistan, by Taimoor Shah and Sabrina Tavernise

Associated Press - US general says Afghan violence increasing

Washington Times Opinion - YON: The Greatest Afghan War, by Michael Yon

BBC - US troops in Afghan 'armed social work', by Ian Pannell

New York Times - U.S. Service Member Killed in Afghan Car Bombing, by Sangar Rahimi

Associated Press - Search for captured US soldier yields few clues, by Jason Straziuso

RFE/RL - Berlin Says No Plan Now For Afghan Troop Boost



New York Times - Unity Is Rallying Cry Ahead of Iraq Elections, by Steven Lee Myers

Associated Press - Iraq's al-Maliki joins with Sunnis in election bid, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra

Wall Street Journal - Iraq Premier Announces Broad New Coalition Ahead of Polls, by Gina Chon

BBC - Maliki launches pan-Iraq bloc

Associated Press - Trouble for Iraqi elections brewing in oil hub, by Brian Murphy

Wall Street Journal - Sinopec Warned on Oil Contracts by Iraq Ministry, by Hassan Hafidh

Christian Science Monitor - 4,000 US troops to exit sooner from Iraq. More ready for Afghanistan? by Gordon Lubold

RFE/RL - Red Cross Warns Against Complacency In Iraq



Long War Journal - Analysis: A look at US airstrikes in Pakistan through September 2009, by Bill Roggio and Alexander Mayer

Reuters - Provide details on Taliban, Pakistan tells U.S., by Robert Birsel

BBC - Taliban leader's brother 'killed'

Voice of America - US Envoy: Bin Laden, Taliban Leadership Operating in Pakistan, by Sean Maroney

Reuters - Bill stalls on U.S. trade help for Pakistan, Afghans, by Susan Cornwell

Washington Times - Performers fight Taliban by poking fun, by Ayesha Nasir



Washington Post - U.S. and Allies Begin Nuclear Talks With Iran, by Glenn Kessler

New York Times - Iran Meets U.S. and Allies for Nuclear Talks in Geneva, by Steven Erlanger and Mark Landler

Reuters - Iran intel marked by differences, not disarray, by William Maclean

Washington Post - France Toughens Stance on Iran, by Edward Cody

Washington Post - Iranian Opposition Warns Against Stricter Sanctions, by Thomas Erdbrink

Associated Press - Look at UN sanctions on Iran for nuclear program

Times Online UK - Nuclear watchdog condemns Tehran as showdown looms over uranium facility, by Catherine Philip

Christian Science Monitor - US strategy at Iran nuclear talks: threaten sanctions, by Howard LaFranchi

New York Times - Possibility of a Nuclear-Armed Iran Alarms Arabs, by Michael Slackman




Associated Press - Israel prepares for battle over war crimes claims, by Amy Teibel


Reuters - China parade gives clues to military capability, by Lucy Hornby and Benjamin Kang Lim


Associated Press - 5 dead as rival Somali Islamist groups fight, by Mohamed Olad Hassan


Long War Journal - Former Gitmo detainee killed in shootout, by Thomas Joscelyn

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