ISW Global News Update - September 30, 2009

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New York Times - From McChrystal's Mouth to Obama's Ear, by Peter Baker

Wall Street Journal - White House Starts Review of Afghan Strategy, by Peter Spiegel and Jonathan Weisman

Voice of America - Obama, NATO Chief Agree on Afghanistan Strategy, by Kent Klein

RFE/RL - Obama, Top Officials Meeting To Debate Afghan Strategy, by Heather Maher

LA Times Opinion - Obama can't downsize to success in Afghanistan, by Max Boot

CNN - Pressure increases on Obama over Afghanistan, by Ed Hornick

Times Online UK - Nato is in Afghanistan for the long haul, says Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Associated Press - UN official ousted after Afghan vote fraud dispute, by Heidi Vogt

BBC - UN 'to remove Afghanistan envoy'

Associated Press - Box of British leaflets kills Afghan girl

Times Online UK - Young girl is killed by RAF leaflet drop in Afghanistan, by Michael Evans

Reuters - Suicide bomber kills American in Afghanistan

Associated Press - Taliban roadway attacks spread fear in Afghanistan, by Lori Hinnant

BBC - Young Afghans see hopes crushed, by Martin Patience



Washington Post - In Sign of Times, Alliances Shift Ahead of Iraqi Elections, by Anthony Shadid and Nada Bakri

New York Times Blog - Qaraqosh's Finest, by Christopher Bangert

Wall Street Journal - U.S. General Says Iraq Exit Is on Track, by Yochi J. Dreazen

Reuters - About 4,000 U.S. troops to leave Iraq in October, by JoAnne Allen

New York Times - General Says Iraq Troop Reductions May Quicken, by Thom Shanker

Voice of America - US Commander in Iraq to Testify Before Congress, by Dan Robinson

Associated Press - US: Iraq budget shortfall poses security challenge, by Chelsea J. Carter

RFE/RL - Iraqi School Year Begins With Classroom Shortages

BBC - Iraqi widows yearn for new lives, by Hugh Sykes



BBC - Taliban film shows leader is dead

New York Times - Network of Militants Is Robust After Mumbai Siege, by Lydia Polgreen and Souad Mekhennet

Associated Press - Missile Attack on Militants Kills 6 in NW Pakistan, by Munir Ahmad

Voice of America - 3 Missile Strikes Hit Northwest Pakistan, by Sean Maroney

Reuters - Mullah Omar not in Pakistan, Taliban commander says, by Saeed Ali Achakzai



New York Times - In Dispute With Iran, Path to Iraq Is in Spotlight, by Scott Shane

Washington Post - U.N. Chief Says Iran Must Prove Its Sincerity on Nuclear Issue, by Colum Lynch

New York Times - China's Ties With Iran Complicate Diplomacy, by Michael Wines

Washington Post - Oil, Ideology Keep China From Joining Push Against Iran, by John Pomfret

Associated Press - West goes to Iran talks _ and readies sanctions, by George Jahn

Christian Science Monitor - Is Iran coming clean about its secret nuclear site? Not likely. by Peter Grier

Associated Press - Analysis: Iran plant could defer Israel strike, by Amy Teibel

Associated Press - Iran built nuclear site shielded from air attack, by Ali Akbar Dareini and George Jahn

Reuters - Britain differs from U.S. view on Iran bomb design, by William Maclean




New York Times - Israel to Free Prisoners to Obtain Video of Soldier, by Isabel Kershner

Washington Post - Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Shown Alive in Traded Videotape, by Howard Schneider

Russia/Georgia Conflict

Wall Street Journal - Report: Georgia Triggered War With Russia, by Marc Champion

RFE/RL - EU-Backed Report To Split Blame For Russian-Georgia War, by Ahto Lobjakas


Reuters - Somalia's al Shabaab rebels declare war on rivals, by Mohamed Ahmed and Abdi Sheikh

Global Terrorism

LA Times - Saudi Arabia-based charities still funding terrorists, GAO says, by David G. Savage

Washington Post - Success Against al-Qaeda Cited, by Karen DeYoung and Walter Pincus

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