ISW News Roundup - April 22, 2009


Christian Science Monitor - Can Iraq go it alone? by Jane Arraf

Reuters - U.N. launches report on Iraq's contested Kirkuk, by Missy Ryan

Reuters - FACTBOX: Iraq's disputed city of Kirkuk

RFE/RL - Iraqi Officials Urge Parliament To Pass Oil Bill

New York Times Baghdad Bureau - Visual Diary: Maliki in Oil, by Christoph Bangert

Associated Press - New Iraq envoy confirmed by Senate, by Matthew Lee

Associated Press - Iraq: No long-term role for ex-Blackwater units

New York Times - Foreigners Filling Jobs That Iraqis Often Shun, by Timothy Williams and Tareq Maher



Associated Press - Top Pentagon commander meets troops in Afghanistan, by Fisnik Abrashi

Department of Defense - Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill Militant, Detain Another

RFE/RL - Afghan Taliban Say Claim Of Talks Is 'Propaganda'

LA Times - AIG faces inquiry over medical care for U.S. contractors, by T. Christian Miller

Associated Press - Millions for textbooks bogged down in Afghanistan, by Heidi Vogt

Washington Post - Obama to Host Talks With Afghan, Pakistani Presidents, by Karen DeYoung

Reuters - Afghan charged in New York with financing Taliban



Long War Journal - Taliban flex muscles in Malakand Division, by Bill Roggio

BBC - Pakistani district head missing, by M Ilyas Khan

CNN - Taliban claims victory near Islamabad, by Ivan Watson

Reuters - Opposition grows to Pakistan's Taliban pact, by Zeeshan Haider

Associated Press - Lawmaker: Pakistani Taliban spread from Swat, by Nahal Toosi

Associated Press - Taliban tighten their grip on Pakistan's northwest, by Nahal Toosi

Reuters - Pakistan accuses India, Afghans, of Baluch meddling, by Zeeshan Haider

Reuters - U.S. wants broader Pakistan military ties: official, by David Morgan




Associated Press - Israel military: Probe shows no violations in Gaza

RFE/RL - HRW Says Hamas Attacked Palestinian Opponents Under Cover of Israeli Offensive

Washington Post - Israel Puts Iran Issue Ahead of Palestinians, by Howard Schneider and Glenn Kessler

Middle East

Associated Press - IMF: Mideast under strain despite oil wealth, by Tarek El-Tablawy


RFE/RL - U.S. Envoy:  Tajik Base Not Alternative To Manas

Uighur Militants

Long War Journal - The Uighurs, in their own words, by Thomas Joscelyn


BBC - Russians die in Chechnya ambush

Sri Lanka

Washington Times - U.S. prepares Sri Lanka relief effort, by Nicholas Kralev and Jason Motlagh

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