ISW News Roundup - April 23, 2009


Department of Defense - U.S., Iraqi Soldiers Unleash 'Lion's Roar', by Army Spc. Creighton Holub

Reuters - Suicide bombers strike, killing 60 in Iraq

Washington Post - Suicide Blast Kills 5 at Mosque in Iraq, by Ernesto Londono and Zaid Sabah

Associated Press - US soldier killed in Baghdad, military says

Department of Defense - Soldiers Help to Keep Sadr City Safe, by Army Sgt. Joshua Risner

Associated Press - Iraqi officials say al-Qaida-linked chief arrested

Associated Press - Iran says pipeline agreement reached with Iraq

New York Times - U.N. Report Lays Out Options for an Oil-Rich Iraqi Region, by Timothy Williams

Reuters - Uneasy calm for Iraq, Kurdish troops in disputed area, by Missy Ryan

BBC - UN tackles Iraq's disputed areas, by Jim Muir

Reuters - Tensions rise in Iraq's Mosul amid Kurdish boycott

LA Times - In Iraq, a story of rape, shame and 'honor killing', by Tina Susman and Caesar Ahmed

RFE/RL - Baghdad Compiling Stats On Displaced Iraqis

New York Times Baghdad Bureau - Twitter Meets Cuneiform, by Steven Lee Myers



Department of Defense - U.S. Troops Focus on Southern Afghanistan, General Says, by Gerry J. Gilmore

Reuters - Afghans welcome security, wary of U.S. tactics, by Jonathan Burch

Wall Street Journal - U.S. Faces Rising Violence in Southern Afghanistan, by Yochi J. Dreazen

Washington Post - Reservists Might Be Used in Afghanistan To Fill Civilian Jobs, by Karen DeYoung

New York Times - G.I.'s to Fill Civilian Gap to Rebuild Afghanistan, by Thom Shanker

Reuters - Afghan "terps" risk lives to work with U.S. forces, by Golnar Motevalli

Reuters - U.S. urged to focus on governance in Afghanistan, by Paul Eckert

Reuters - U.S. says nearing key moment in eastern Afghanistan, by Andrew Gray



Associated Press - Militants burn NATO fuel tankers in Pakistan, by Munir Ahmad

Washington Times - Taliban, terrorism stifle life in Lahore, by Ayesha Nasir

LA Times - Hillary Clinton warns of 'existential threat' in Pakistan, by Paul Richter and Mubashir Zaidi

New York Times - Pakistan Sends Special Police to Taliban-Held Area, by Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah

Associated Press - Pakistan: Troops sent to Taliban-threatened area, by Riaz Khan

Washington Times - Taliban makes gains near Islamabad, by Nasir Khan

Associated Press - Taliban tighten their grip on NW Pakistan, by Nahal Toosi




Washington Times - Crippling sanctions' for Iran an option, by Nicholas Kralev

RFE/RL - Iranian Killed In Iran-Afghan Border Clash

New York Times - Ex-Leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Seeks Presidency, by Nazila Fathi


Washington Times - Israeli army admits errors in Gaza offensive, by Joshua Mitnick

Times Online UK - Israel backs down over white phosphorus, by Sheera Frankel

BBC - Who wants to talk to Hamas?


Washington Times - Hezbollah cell worries Egypt, by Jumana al-Tamimi


New York Times - Foreign Money Seeks to Buy Lebanese Votes, by Robert F. Worth


Times Online UK - Tony Blair calls on world to wage war on militant Islam, by Ruth Gledhill

RFE/RL - Clinton Details 'Mortal Threat' In South Asia, Imperatives On Iran, by Heather Maher

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