ISW News Roundup - April 28, 2009

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LA Times - Iraq's Awakening: Two tales illustrate force's birth and slow death, by Ned Parker

Associated Press - Iraq doubts possibility of keeping US in cities, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra

LA Times - A revolt begins with a four-man hit squad, by Ned Parker

Reuters - Iraq seizes group accused of car bombings, by Aseel Kami

Reuters - Iraqi Christians urged not to flee after killings, by Mustafa Mahmoud

Associated Press - Iraqi archbishop decries Christian slayings, by Yahya Barzanji

Christian Science Monitor - After Iraq's civil war, lessons in civility, by Jane Arraf

BBC - Farewell to Basra's marshlands, by Caroline Wyatt

Associated Press - IG reviewing security manager's exit from Iraq, by Richard Lardner

Reuters - Clamor in Iraq for justice over deadly U.S. raid, by Aref Mohammed

BBC - US 'saddened' by deadly Iraq raid

Reuters - Detained man is Qaeda-linked insurgent leader: Iraq

Associated Press - Iraq shows 1st picture of suspected insurgent



Christian Science Monitor - In remote Afghan valley, a rare peace sprouts with insurgents, by Anand Gopal

Reuters - Brown takes new strategy to Afghanistan, Pakistan, by Adrian Croft

Reuters - Afghans say free 7 police after Taliban raid

Associated Press - Heavy security in Kabul for canceled celebration, by Amir Shah

Associated Press - Karzai opposes marital sex law, by Heidi Vogt

Reuters - Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to meet monthly, by Golnar Motevalli



Long War Journal - Pakistan touts success of Dir operation, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Pakistan expands offensive against Taliban, by Nahal Toosi

Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan intensifies fight against Taliban, by Huma Yusuf

BBC - Pakistan launches Taleban strikes

Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Sends Jets to Battle Taliban, by Matthew Rosenberg and Zahid Hussain

New York Times - Pakistani Offensive Puts Truce on Shakier Ground, by Carlotta Gall and Ismail Khan

LA Times - Pakistanis worry about their international image, by Mark Magnier

Reuters - Pakistan warns Taliban to quit Bruner or face action

Washington Times - Saudi says Pakistan can survive Taliban, by Nicholas Kralev

Reuters - Q+A: Likely fallout if Pakistan takes fight to Swat's Taliban, by Zeeshan Haider




Reuters - Egypt puts the bite on Gaza tunnel smugglers, by Nidal al-Mughrabi


Associated Press - Iranian presidential candidate promises change, by Ali Akbar Dareini

Reuters - Presidential hopeful says Ahmadinejad isolated Iran, by Parisa Hafezi

RFE/RL - In Unusual Move, Iranian Teachers Strike For Wage Parity

Saudi Arabia

Washington Times - Saudi leader seeks 'stigma' from 9/11 attacks, by James Morrison


Associated Press - Russia to fire over 35,000 army officers in 2009

RFE/RL Caucasus Report - Georgia Denies Existence Of Chechen Resistance Fighters On Its Territory


BBC - Hamas leader Meshaal re-elected

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