ISW News Roundup - December 17, 2008

Iraq Security

Reuters - Iraq to beef up policing of power facilities, by Missy Ryan

Reuters - FACTBOX - Foreign military forces in Iraq

New York Times - Brown Confirms Pullout From Iraq, by Campbell Robertson and Alissa J. Rubin

BBC - UK troops to leave Iraq 'by July'

Christian Science Monitor - As Iraq calms, Mosul remains a battle front, by Jane Arraf

Guardian UK - Sunni Muslim groups in Iraq, by Ian Black

New York Times - Bomb Kills 18 Near Baghdad Police Station, by Eric Owles and Campbell Robertson

Times Online UK - US takes greater Basra role as British troops prepare for exit, by Deborah Haynes

Associated Press - Algerian man jailed for 3 years for joining Iraq insurgency against US forces

Associated Press - Turkish jets attack suspected Kurdish rebel hideouts in northern Iraq

Global -Coalition, Iraqi Forces Kill Three, Capture 31 in Iraq, from AFPS


Iraq Politics and Reconstruction

Voice of America - Iraqi Envoy Urges Further US Support

Associated Press - US hands over 39 detainees, former members of Saddam Hussein's regime, to Iraq

- Iraq: Shoe-tosser case causes parliamentary chaos, by Tina Susman

Associated Press - Innocent until proven guilty: need for warrants may be main complication under US-Iraq pact, by Kim Gamel

Reuters - U.S. group blasts Iraq over religious minorities, by Ross Colvin

Associated Press - Turkey's president says Iran, Iraq could supply gas for Nabucco pipeline

New York Times - Iraqi Shoe-Hurling Journalist to Face Judge on Wednesday, by Timothy Williams and Abeer Mohammed

Associated Press - White House: Shoe-thrower punishment up to Iraq; Bush has no 'hard feelings' about incident


Pakistan and Afghanistan

New York Times - In Visits, British Prime Minister Tries to Defuse Tensions of India and Pakistan, by Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Salman Masood

BBC - Zardari rejects Mumbai 'claims'

Washington Post - Calls Shed Light on Gunmen's Motives, by Emily Wax

Long War Journal - Pakistan takes minimal steps against banned terror front, by Bill Roggio

Long War Journal - Taleban desecrate body of slain opposing tribal leader, by Bill Roggio

CTV Canada - Top Canadian general predicts rise in Afghan violence

Daily Times - NATO plays down attacks on supplies




Christian Science Monitor - Should ground troops hunt pirates in Somalia? by Shashank Bengali

Washington Post - U.N. Authorizes Land, Air Attacks on Somali Pirates, by Colum Lynch


Associated Press - Arabs want regular meetings with international powers on Iran's nuclear program

Washington Times - World leaders clash on Iran sanctions, by Betsy Pisnik and Barbara Slavin

Middle East

Christian Science Monitor - Mideast awaits new leaders, direction in 2009, by Nicholas Blanford

Christian Science Monitor - New resolution on Mideast peace passes at UN, by Howard LaFranchi

US Military

Associated Press - Army rolls out revised training doctrine, incorporates stability into combat preparations, by John Milburn


Washington Post - British Physician is Convicted of 2007 Car-Bomb Plot, by Mary Jordan

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