ISW News Roundup - July 10, 2009

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New York Times - Insurgency Remains Tenacious in North Iraq, by Steven Lee Myers and Campbell Robertson

Wall Street Journal - Transcript: Iraq's Maliki on the Kurds, interview by Gina Chon

Wall Street Journal - Iraq-Kurdish Tensions Need Delicate Management

Wall Street Journal - Iraq's Premier Maliki Says He Plans to Thank U.S. for Sacrifices, by Gina Chon

Los Angeles Times - In Self-Policed Iraq, Bombings Kills 54, by Ned Parker and Usama Redha

Los Angeles Times - U.S. Releases Five Iranians in Iraq, by Liz Sly and Ned Parker

Associated Press - Dozens Killed by Bombs Across Iraq, by Christopher Torchia

Washington Post - Explosions Kill 50 in Iraq, Raise Fears of Sectarian Strife, by Nada Bakri

Reuters - Iraq Groups Calls for Further Attacks on US Troops 

Wall Street Journal - Iraq Seeking Japan Invest For New Reconstruction Phase

Reuters - Iraq Denies U.S. Policy Shift Brought Iranians' Release

New York Times - Kurds Defy Baghdad, Laying Claim to Land and Oil, by Sam Dagher

Reuters - Iraq Hopes for Nassiriya Decision Within Month - Oil Min

RFE/RL - Kurdish Parliament Postpone Referendum On Constitution

Associated Press - UNESCO: Invasion Seriously Harmed Historic Babylon, by Kim Gamel

VOA News - Dutch Diplomat to be New UN Envoy to Iraq



Christian Science Monitor - Can the National Police Provide Security in Afghanistan?, by Anand Gopal

Associated Press - Petraeus: Tough Right Still Ahead in Afghanistan, by Terry Collins

Christian Science Monitor - US Troops in Afghanistan Face Tough Battle: Making 'Clear, Hold, and Build' Work, by Anand Gopal

Wall Street Journal - UK PM Brown: Vital To Stay Course in Afghanistan

AFP - 'Very Hard Summer' for Troops in Afghanistan: Brown

Associated Press - Generals: More Forces Needed for Afghan Offensive, by Lara Jakes and Anne Gearan

Reuters - British Troops Bear Brunt of South Afghan Assault, by Peter Graff

Wall Street Journal - War in Afghanistan is Being Fought on Two Fronts, by Gerald F. Seib

AFP - US General Cites Shortage of Afghan Forces, by Dan De Luce

TIME - A New General, and a New War, in Afghanistan, by Mark Thompson and Aryn Baker

Associated Press - Terror Suspect Could Serve Less Than a Year More, by Amy Forliti

New York Times - Truck Blast in Afghanistan Leaves at Least 24 Dead, by Abdul Waheed Wafa and Alan Cowell

Department of Defense - Forces in Afghanistan Detain Militants, Seize Weapons



Foreign Policy - Commander of the Faithful, by Imtiaz Ali

BBC - Swat Taliban Chief 'Near Death,' by Syed Shoaib Hasan

CNN - Pakistan Says Taliban Leader Will Talk to U.S., Michael Ware

Reuters - U.S. Resumes Surveillance Flights Over Pakistan

New York Times - Refugees From Fighting Can Return, Pakistan Says, by Jane Perlez

VOA News - Pakistani Fight Against Militants Continues, Concern Grows Over Safety of Displaced People, by Ravi Khanna

VOA News - Pakistani Taliban Bomb Family Home of VOA Reporter

AFP - Pakistan Reconstruction Could Cost Billions: UN

BBC - NATO Denies 'Afpak' Imperial Plan, by David Lyon

BBC - Tribal Police Killed in Pakistan

VOA News - Pakistani PM: Swat Almost Ready for Locals' Return




New York Times - Iran Protesters Take to Streets Despite Threats, by Michael Slackman

VOA News - US: Iranian Prisoner Releases Not a Gesture to Tehran, by David Gollust

VOA News - Top US Military Officer Sees 'Narrow Window' to Stop Iran's Nuclear Program, by Al Pessin

Washington Times - Obama Gives Iran Deadline on Nuclear Program, by Stephen Dinan

Christian Science Monitor - How Iran's Election - and Three Others - Have Reshaped Mideast, by Nicholas Blanford and Scott Peterson

Wall Street Journal - Iran Protesters Defy Clampdown, by Farnaz Fassihi

Christian Science Monitor - Is Khamenei's Son Leading Iran Crackdowns?, by Arthur Bright


VOA News - Israel: Iran Will Be Destroyed if it Launches Nuclear Attack, by Robert Berger

Reuters - Israel Must Keep Much of Golan: Netanyahu Aide

North Africa

New York Times - Qaeda Branch Steps Up Raids in North Africa, by Eric Schmitt and Souad Mekhennet

Reuters - Somali Islamist Hardliners Behead 7 "Spies"

New York Times - Egyptians Looking for Clues About Their President's Plans, by Mona El-Naggar

North Korea

Washington Times - Mongolia Offers U.S. a Path to N. Korea, by David W. Jones

Associated Press - Reporters Held in N. Korea Seek Pardon


Reuters - U.S. Seeks "Full Partnership" With Russia on Missiles, by Jim Wolf

Reuters - Medvedev Threatens U.S. Over Missile Shield

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