ISW News Roundup - July 15, 2009

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Reuters - Suicide car bomb kills six in western Iraq

Times Online UK - Iraqi interpreters employed by British to sue over lack of protection, by Deborah Haynes

Washington Times - EXCLUSIVE: U.S. held Iranians as 'hostages,' officials say, by Barbara Slavin

Reuters - Iraq Shi'ite militants little threat in Basra: U.S.

Times Online UK - Geoff Hoon could be called to inquiry on abuse of Iraqi detainees, by Deborah Haynes

Associated Press - Army units ordered to Iraq for changing mission, by Pauline Jelinek

Associated Press - Baghdad's antique shops tell city's sad story, by Hamza Hendawi

RFE/RL - Iraq Expects Highest Monthly Oil Exports Since '03



RFE/RL - Obama Calls For Facts On Mass Killing Of Taliban At Sheberghan, by Ron Synovitz

New York Times - Afghan War's Buried Bombs Put Risk in Every Step, by James Dao

Department of Defense - Coalition, Afghan Forces Reclaim Village, Disrupt Taliban

BBC - Afghan helicopter crash kills six

New York Times Lede Blog - Q. and A. on the War in Afghanistan

RFE/RL - Six Suspected Of Planning Bombings Arrested In Kabul

LA Times - 6 killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash are Ukrainian, reports say, by Laura King

Washington Post - A Tribute, as the Death Toll Rises, by Karla Adam

Wall Street Journal - British Coffins Raise Ire Over Afghan Push, by Alistair Macdonald

Times Online UK - British Army chief forced to use US helicopter in Afghanistan, by Michael Evans and Philip Webster



Long War Journal - Tribal force kills 23 Pakistani Taliban, by Bill Roggio

RFE/RL - Clashes in Pakistan's Swat Valley As Displaced Start To Return

BBC - 'Insurgents killed' in Swat clash

BBC - Swat diary: 'Taliban defeated'

Associated Press - Al-Qaida No. 2: US threatens Pakistan's destiny, by Maamoun Youssef

Long War Journal - South Waziristan offensive 'punitive,' not counterinsurgency, by Bill Roggio




Associated Press - Israeli soldiers say reckless force used in Gaza, by Matti Friedman

Reuters - Israel to test Arrow missile on U.S. Pacific range, by David Morgan

Reuters - Israel revives bill that could hamper Golan pullout

Reuters - Palestinians ban Al-Jazeera over plot allegations

Associated Press - Veil lifts on Mossad, by Matti Friedman


LA Times - Supreme leader Khamenei diminished in Iranians' eyes, by Borzou Daragahi

RFE/RL - Iran Could Have Atomic Bomb Within Six Months

New York Times - 168 Feared Dead After Plane Crashes in Iran, by Robert F. Worth and Nicola Clark


Washington Post - 2 French Advisers Kidnapped In Somalia, by Edward Cody

Reuters - Driven by Somalia, piracy attacks double this year

Al Qaeda

Christian Science Monitor - China warns citizens in Algeria of Al Qaeda threat, by Liam Stack


Associated Press - Russian rights group says leader activist kidnapped from her home in Chechnya

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