ISW News Roundup - May 14, 2009

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Washington Post - An Iraqi Cleric's Swift Rise and Swift Fall, by Anthony Shadid

Department of Defense - Kirkuk Police Seek to Ease Ethnic Tension, by Army Pfc. Justin Naylor

Wall Street Journal - U.K. Sailors to Remain in Iraq to Train the Navy, by Gina Chon

New York Times - Obama Moves to Bar Release of Detainee Abuse Photos, by Jeff Zeleny and Thom Shanker

Associated Press - In Iraq, an exodus of Christians, by Paul Schemm

Associated Press - New threat for Iraqi military: Drop in oil prices, by Chelsea J. Carter



New York Times - In Bleak Afghan Outpost, Troops Slog On, by C.J. Chivers

Wall Street Journal - Learning a Hard History Lesson in 'Talibanistan', by Michael M. Phillips

Christian Science Monitor - US fights Taliban on another front: public relations, by Jason Motlagh

Department of Defense - Afghan Leaders, U.S. Soldiers Initiate Public Protection Program, by Army 1st. Lt. Christopher Stachura

Washington Times - Civilians bear brunt of Afghan war, by James Palmer

RFE/RL - Afghan Military Pilots To Get U.S. Training

Reuters - Gates hopes for Afghan momentum shift this year, by Andrew Gray

Voice of America - Suicide Bomber Attacks Police in Southern Afghanistan

Department of Defense - Forces Thwart Attack on Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan

BBC - Pupils boycott Afghanistan school, by Martin Vennard



LA Times - U.S. acknowledges Pakistan drone program, by Julian E. Barnes

New York Times - In a First, U.S. Provides Pakistan With Drone Data, by Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti

Reuters - Pakistan will defeat Taliban, must win hearts: PM, by Robert Bisel

Reuters - Pakistan army brings some relief from enduring nightmare, by Simon Cameron-Moore

Times Online UK - Moderate Muslims in Pakistan stir silent majority against Taleban, by Jeremy Page and Zahid Hussain

Times Online - World Agenda: worst is yet to come in assault on Taleban in Swat valley, by Jeremy Page

Long War Journal - Pakistani military paints rosy picture of Swat fighting, by Bill Roggio

Reuters - SCENARIOS: Potential outcomes in Pakistan's war with Taliban

Reuters - UK vows closer support for Pakistan in Taliban fight, by Adrian Croft

Reuters - Reports of Pakistan's demise greatly exaggerated, by Andrew Marshall

BBC - Swat schoolgirl's harrowing escape

Voice of America - Pakistani PM: Government Must Help Swat Refugees

Associated Press - Banned group helping out Pakistan refugees, by Riaz Khan

Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan: Pashtun hospitality for 19 adults, 25 children, and four camels, by Ben Arnoldy

Associated Press - Pakistani refugees scuffle for food, supplies, by Riaz Khan

LA Times - Pakistan's displacement camps: A study in contrasts, by Mark Magnier




Washington Post - Pope Criticizes Israel On Palestinian Policy, by Howard Schneider


Wall Street Journal - U.S., Allies Set October Target for Iran Progress, by Jay Solomon


Washington Times - Alliance could swing Lebanon election, by Brooke Anderson


RFE/RL - Tajiks Target Obscure Islamic Group For Prosecution, by Farangis Najibullah


Wall Street Journal - Syria to Open Its Economy to Foreign Investors, by Jay Solomon


Times Online UK - Russia warns of war within a decade over Arctic oil and gas riches, by Tony Halpin


Reuters - Battles rage in Somalia, world calls for calm, by Abdi Sheikh and Abdi Guled

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