ISW News Roundup - May 2, 2009

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LA Times  - In Baghdad, dread grows with death toll, by Liz Sly

Washington Post - U.S. Military Says Iraq Is Witholding Key Detainee, by Ernesto Londono

Associated Press - New candidate emerges among Iraq's Kurds, by Yahya Barzanji

Reuters - Iran shells Kurdish rebel position in north Iraq

Associated Press - Iraqi Shiites battered but not battling back, by Brian Murphy

Associated Press - Reclusive Iraqi cleric al-Sadr visits Turkey, by Chrisopher Torchia

Reuters - Suicide attack kills five in Iraq tourist area

Associated Press - Gunman in Iraqi army uniform kills 2 US soldiers, by Brian Murphy

Associated Press - Anatomy of an 'inside' ambush in Iraq, by Brian Murphy

Reuters - U.S. says troops may have to stay in Iraq's Mosul, by Tim Cocks

Reuters - U.S. says troops will not face trial over Iraq raid

New York Times - Babylon Ruins Reopen in Iraq, to Controversy, by Steven Lee Myers



Reuters - Gates reluctant to bolser U.S. Afghan force further, by David Morgan

Reuters - Five Western soldiers killed in Afghan attack

Reuters - Security developments in Afghanistan, May 2

New York Times - Embedded at Firebase Vimoto

New York Times - A Popular Afghan Governor Leaves the Presidential Race, by Abdul Waheed and Carlotta Gall



Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan resumes peace talks with Taliban amid heavy offensive, by Issam Ahmed

New York Times - In Pakistan, U.S. Courts Leader of Opposition, by Helene Cooper and Mark Mazzetti

Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Pursues Two-Track Approach to Taliban, by Matthew Rosenberg and Zahid Hussain

Reuters - Pakistan sets up Islamic court for restive region, by Faris Ali

Long War Journal - Taliban storm paramilitary outpost in Dir, by Bill Roggio

Reuters - Pakistani forces kill 16 Taliban

Associated Press - Pakistan Says It Killed More Insurgents, by Asif Shahzad

New York Times - Pakistan Says It Killed 50 Taliban in a Clash, but Residents Say Civilians Died, by Carlotta Gall

Associated Press - Taliban Assault Pakistani Military




Reuters - Iran to review jail sentence of U.S. -born reporter

Associated Press - Ahmadinejad opponents accuse him of faking support, by Ali Akbar Dareini


Reuters - Israeli air strikes kill 2 in Gaza tunnel, by Nidal al-Mughrabi


Reuters - Russian troops patrol rebel borders with Georgia: report


New York Times - Ex-Spy Sits Down With Islamists and the West, by Robert F. Worth


Reuters - Somali pirates hijack 2 ships, NATO scuppers attack, by Alison Bevege

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