ISW News Roundup - May 6, 2009

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Associated Press - 15 dead in Baghdad bombing, say Iraqi police, by Saad Abdul-Kadir

Reuters - Iraqi army kills U.S. -allied Sunni militiaman

New York Times Baghdad Bureau - The Fire Under the Ash? by Suadad Al-Salhy

New York Times - Iraqi Report on Corruption Cites Prosecutors' Barriers, by Sam Dagher

RFE/RL - Iraqi Official Says Power Outages To Ease



Long War Journal - Major fighting in Afghanistan's east and west, by Bill Roggio

BBC - Afghan diary III: Incoming fire!

LA Times - Red Cross backs reports of Afghan civilian deaths, by Laura King

Reuters - Truckloads of dead civilians after Afghan battle, by Sarafuddin Sharafyar

Times Online UK - Karzai to raise deadly US airstrike with Obama, by Jenny Booth

New York Times Kabul Journal - Drugs Hollow Out Afghan Lives in Cultural Center, by Dexter Filkins

RFE/RL - Kabul Discounts Report Of U.S. Soldiers Distributing Bibles

LA Times - Obama prepares for talks with presidents of Afghanistan, Pakistan, by Paul Richter and Christi Parsons

Reuters - Obama wants alliance with Afghan, Pakistan heads, by David Alexander

Washington Post - Administration Is Keeping Ally at Arm's Length, by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Christian Science Monitor - US, Karzai seek to mend fraying relationship at summit, by Howard LaFranchi

RFE/RL - Afghan President's Choice Of Running Mate Draws Criticism, by Abubakar Siddique

Christian Science Monitor - Afghanistan's divided opposition boosts Karzai's election bid, by Anand Gopal



Christian Science Monitor - Are Pakistani Taliban finding new foothold in south? by Ben Arnoldy

Associated Press - Obama to press Pakistan on fight against Taliban, by Matthew Lee

Reuters - U.S. envoy pressures Pakistan to take on militants, by Arshad Mohammed

Reuters - Pakistan must show commitment to fight militants: U.S.

New York Times - Pakistani President Tries to Assure U.S. on Taliban, by Mark Landler and Helene Cooper

Washington Post - U.S. Stresses Support For Pakistan's Zardari, by Karen DeYoung

Washington Times - Taliban seizes Swat Valley hub, by Nasir Khan

Associated Press - Pakistani army: Troops kill over 60 militants

Reuters - Pakistan says kills 64 Taliban ahead of U.S. talks, by Junaid Khan

LA Times - Pakistani civilians flee area of Taliban-army fighting, by Mark Magnier

Washington Post - Thousands flee Swat Ahead of Expected Fighting, by Pamela Constable and Haq Nawaz Khan

New York Times - Pakistani Army Poised for New Push Into Swat, by Carlotta Gall

Times Online UK - Exodus in Pakistan as Taleban seizes Mingora in Swat Valley, by Zahid Hussain




Associated Press - US allies in Mideast cautious over Iran overtures, by Salah Nasrawi

Associated Press - US journalist jailed in Iran ends hunger strike, by Ali Akbar Dareini


Reuters - Israel would inform, not ask U.S. before hitting Iran, by Dan Williams

Washington Times - EXCLUSIVE: Secret U.S.-Israel nuclear accord in jeopardy, by Eli Lake

Reuters - Israel brushes off call to sign nuclear arms pact

Washington Times - Biden: Dismantle West Bank settlements, by Stephan Dinan

Washington Post - U.N. Inquiry Finds Israel Purposely Fired on School in Gaza, by Colum Lynch


Washington Times - Lebanon-Syria tension eases, by Tina Wolfe

Reuters - Syria alliance with Iran a force for stability: Assad, by Khaled Yacoub Oweis

Reuters - U.S. envoys head back to Syria as ties warm, by Sue Pleming


Associated Press - IAEA: Weapons grade uranium traces found in Egypt, by George Jahn


Associated Press - China rejects US criticism over military strength, by Tini Tran


New York Times - NATO Exercise Begins Amid Tensions, by Olesya Vartanyan and Ellen Barry

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