ISW News Roundup - May 7, 2009

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Reuters - Some U.S. -backed Iraqi fighters desert posts, by Ahmed Rasheed and Tim Cocks

New York Times - Ambush by an Ally Chills Trust in Iraqi Units, by Campbell Robertson and Stephen Farrell

Department of Defense - Troops in Iraq Capture Suspects, Weapons

Washington Post - At Least 12 Killed in 2 Baghdad Car Bombings, by Ernesto Londono and Aziz Alwan

Associated Press - US: Baghdad contract expires for ex-Blackwater, by Kim Gamel

Associated Press - Informants allege proposed Blackwater weapons dump, by Mike Baker

Times Online UK - My years as an Iraq war reporter, by Deborah Haynes

Associated Press - Prosecutor: Stress no excuse for Iraq slayings, by Brett Barrouquere

Reuters - Corruption seen at root of Iraq's lack of services



Reuters - Taliban urge Afghan to be vigilant on conversion, by Sayed Salahuddin

Reuters - Afghan opposition divided as contendors emerge, by Sayed Salahuddin

RFE/RL - U.S. Embassy: No Preferences On Afghan Candidates

BBC - Afghan diary IV: Lucky to be alive

Associated Press - Afghan official: 147 dead in fighting

Department of Defense - Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Six Suspected Militants

BBC - Afghan anger at deadly US strikes

Washington Times - Clinton: U.S. regrets Afghan civilian deaths, by Jason Motlagh

Times Online UK - Civilian deaths in US airstrike overshadow Obama's Afghan summit, by Tim Reid and Michael Evans

New York Times - Emphasis on Al Qaeda at Three-Way Talks, by Helene Cooper

Washington Post - Joint Probe Planned of Deadly U.S. Strike In West Afghanistan, by Greg Jaffe

Wall Street Journal - Obama Lauds Afghan, Pakistani Efforts to Fight Extremists, by Henry J. Pulizzi

LA Times Obituaries - Gen. Valentin Varennikov dies at 85; director of the Soviet war in Afghanistan



Reuters - Q&A: Who are Pakistani Taliban Insurgents?

Washington Post - Obama Stresses Joint Action Against Taliban in South Asia, by Scott Wilson

Washington Times - Clinton lauds Pakistani crackdown, by Jon Ward and Joseph Weber

CNN - Pakistan to scrap peace deal, launch offensive, source says

Associated Press - Suicide bomber kills 12 in Afghanistan, by Rahim Faiez

Washington Post - In Pakistan, 'Great Rage, Great Fear', by Pamela Constable and Haq Nawaz Khan

Associated Press - Thousands of civilians flee Pakistani war zone, by Riaz Khan

Reuters - Thousands flee as Pakistani jets hit Swat, by Junaid Khan

LA Times - Pakistan appears unprepared for 'massive displacement', by Mark Magnier and Zulquifar Ali

Long War Journal - Taliban and Pakistani military battle in Swat, by Bill Roggio

BBC - Troops killed in Pakistan clashes

Reuters - Pakistan says kills 64 Taliban ahead of U.S. talks, by Junaid Khan

Associated Press - Pakistan assaults Taliban bastion, by Zarar Khan




Associated Press - EU lawmakers to Obama: Lift ban on Iranian group


Associated Press - US envoy in Syria tries to repair relations, by Zeina Karam

Reuters - Washington committed to seeking Syria-Israel deal, by Khaled Yacoub Oweiz


Reuters - Israeli troops kill Palestinian at West Bank shrine, by Haitham Tamimi

Reuters - No alternative to two-state Mideast solution: Merkel

New York Times Lede Blog - The West Bang Archipelago, by Robert Mackey


Wall Street Journal - Smooth Elections Seen as Crucial to Lebanon's Economic Success, by Chip Cummins

Washington Post - U.S. Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan Using Clinics Intended for Military, by Walter Pincus

LA Times - NATO war games launch despite Russia's fierce objections, by Megan K. Stack

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