ISW News Roundup - May 8, 2009

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Associated Press - Ex-soldier could get death in Iraq rape, slayings, by Brett Barrouquere

Associated Press - Former Blackwater firm leaves Baghdad, by Kim Gamel

New York Times - Iraqi Forces: Rebuilt and Stronger, but Still Stumbling, by Steven Lee Myers

New York Times Slideshow - On Patrol With Iraq's Security Forces



Wall Street Journal - U.S. to Appoint Top General to Kabul in Afghan Revamp, by Peter Spiegel

LA Times - In Afghanistan conflict, Pentagon considers structural changes, by Julian E. Barnes

RFE/RL - Suicide Bomber Kills 12 In Southern Afghanistan

Associated Press - US denies 147 civilians killed in Afghan violence, by Fisnik Abrashi

LA Times - Afghans protest civilian deaths as U.S. officials raise doubts, by Laura King

Christian Science Monitor - Pentagon admits US airstrike may have killed Afghan civilians, by Arthur Bright

Washington Post - Afghan Civilian Deaths Present U.S. With Strategic Problem, by Greg Jaffe

Washington Post - Pentagon Budget Devotes More to Afghanistan War Than to Iraq, by Ann Scott Tyson

Reuters - Two British soldiers among Afghan bombing deaths

BBC - Afghan diary V: Guerrilla warfare

Reuters - Huge U.S. camp arises in Afghan Desert of Death, by Andrew Gray

Reuters - Next U.S. -Afghan-Pakistan summit after Afghan poll: U.S.

Washington Post - Presidents of Pakistan, Afghanistan Meet With Senators Weighing Aid, by Karen DeYoung

Washington Times - Afghan Karzai likely to win reelection, by Jason Motlagh

Reuters - Unsafe, salvaged cars cause havoc in Kabul, by Hamid Shalizi



Long War Journal - Pakistani Army to 'eliminate' the Taliban in Swat: Prime Minister Gilani, by Bill Roggio

Washington Post - Pakistan Announces Army Offensive Against Taliban, by Pamela Constable

Associated Press - Pakistan says 140 militants killed in operation

Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Cleric, Once a Peacemaker, Backs Taliban, by Matthew Rosenberg and Zahid Hussain

Reuters - SCENARIOS: What next in Pakistan's battle with the Taliban? by Robert Bisel

LA Times - In Pakistan, Mardan anxiously awaits the Taliban, by Mark Magnier

Times Online UK - Pakistani planes bomb Taleban in Swat Valley

Washington Times - Refugees flee airstrikes, swell Pakistan tent cities, by Nasir Khan

CNN - Wounded overwhelm Pakistani hospitals

New York Times - Pakistan Fight Said to Cause 'Massive Displacement', by Dexter Filkins and Alan Cowell




Associated Press - Conservative rival raps Iran president on economy, by Ali Akbar Dareini

RFE/RL - Iran Continues Shelling Kurds In Iraqi Territory

North Korea

Associated Press - Obama envoy warns NKorea on nuke test, urges talks, by Jae-Soon Chang


Reuters - Russia says it's ready to move forward on NATO ties, by Oleg Shchedrov


Times Online UK - Terror suspect Mas Selamat Kastari recaptured after year on the run, by Anne Barrowclough

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