ISW News Roundup - May 9, 2009

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Christian Science Monitor - Stability lets Basra, a city of poets, return to its roots, by Jane Arraf

New York Times - Arrest of Ex-Militant Who Switched Sides Shows Iraqi Reconciliation Pitfalls, by Sam Dagher

Reuters - U.S. forces shoot Iraqi boy dead after grenade attack

Wall Street Journal - Toll Rises as Iraq Slows Surge, by Charles Levinson

New York Times - Iraqis Seek Death Penalty for American, by Campbell Robertson and Atheer Kakan

Associated Press - Iraqi leader calls for anti-corruption campaign, by Hamid Ahmed

Times Online UK - Bombs, blood and babies

RFE/RL - Iraq To Follow $60 Billion Investment 'Road Map'

Wall Street Journal - Kurds Set Plans to Begin Exporting Oil in June, by Spencer Swartz



Reuters - FACTBOX - Security developments in Afghanistan, May 9

Associated Press - AFGHAN NOTEBOOK: CIA past shapes Gates' outlook, by Lara Jakes

Reuters - Afghan's Karzai demands U.S. halt air strikes: report

Washington Post - No Jail Time in Retribution Killing Overseas, by Josh White

Reuters - Leading figures sit out Afghan presidential poll, by Peter Graff

Times Online UK - Karzai in power-share move with extremist wanted by US, by Christina Lamb and Jerome Starkey

Associated Press - US report blames Taliban for civilian deaths, by Jason Straziuoso and Rahim Faiez

LA Times - Afghan civilian toll is lower than reported, U.S. officials say, by Julian E. Barnes

RFE/RL - Afghan Private Schools Seen As Sign Of Hope, Optimism, by Farangis Najibullah



Wall Street Journal - Al Qaeda's Global Base Is Pakistan, Says Petraeus, by Yochi J. Dreazen

Washington Post - Pakistan Launches Assault on Taliban, by Pamela Constable

Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Again Faces a Test It Has Often Failed Before, by Matthew Rosenberg, Rehmat Mehsud, and Zahid Hussain

Times Online UK - Pakistan's timing of attack on Taleban is no coincidence, by Jeremy Page

Long War Journal - Pakistan government signals fighting limited to Swat region, by Bill Roggio

New York Times - From Air and Ground, Pakistan Strikes Back at Taliban, by Andrea Kannapell

Reuters - Gunships and planes strike Pakistan Taliban in Swat, by Junaid Khan

Reuters - Gunships batter Pakistan Taliban, by Junaid Khan

Washington Post - Pakistan Reinforcing Army in Taliban Battle, by Karen DeYoung

RFE/RL - Pakistani Public Opinion Swings Against The Taliban, by Abubakar Siddique

Times Online UK - Trapped by Taliban Terror, by Christina Lamb and Daud Pakistan Khattak

Associated Press - Desperation in Pakistani hospitals, refugee camps

Reuters - U.S. drone attack kills at least five in Pakistan




Reuters - Ahmadinejad seeks new term as Iran president, by Hossein Jaseb and Fredrik Dahl

Reuters - Militia must stay out of election: Iran reformer, by Hossein Jaseb


Reuters - Obama administration renews sanctions on Syria, by Sue Pleming


Reuters - Bomb blast kills 5 in southeast Turkey


Reuters - Mali pursues al Qaeda suspects in north: source, by Tiemoko Diallo

U.S. Policy

Washington Post - Obama Set to Revive Military Commissions, by Peter Finn

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