ISW News Roundup - November 16th and 17th, 2008

U.S. Airmen shake hands with Iraqi police prior to leaving the Al-Amil Iraqi Police Station, on Nov. 14, 2008, within the Al-Baya's community located in southern Baghdad, Iraq. (U.S. Navy Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Todd Frantom)


Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Over the weekend, Iraq's Cabinet approved the most recent version of the SOFA agreement; paving the way for a finalized agreement between the U.S. military and the Government of Iraq over the status of U.S. combat forces in the country.  Under the agreed upon plan, U.S. Forces will be permitted to remain in Iraq until 2011, must abstain from attacking Iraq's neighbors, request Iraqi approval before searching homes, and drop demands for total immunity of U.S. Forces who have committed crimes in Iraq.  While the Iraqi Cabinet's approval is a huge success for negotiations, the deal faces much criticism in the Iraqi Parliament who must make the final decision on the SOFA before they go out of session on November 25th.


November 16

New York Times - Shiite Bloc Fails to Go to Meeting on Iraq-U.S. Pact, by Katherine Zoepf and Atheer Kakan

New York Times - Iraqi Cabinet Approves Security Pact With U.S., by Campbell Robertson

LA Times Blog - Iraq: Sunni roadblock to U.S. security agreement, by Ned Parker

LA Times - Iraqi Cabinet approves pact letting U.S. forces stay through 2011, by Tina Susman

Washington Post - Iraq Head, Top Cleric Back 2011 Exit by U.S., by Mary Beth Sheridan

November 17

Wall Street Journal - Revised Security Deal Clears Iraqi Cabinet, by Gina Chon

Christian Science Monitor - Iraq cabinet votes to keep US troops, by Scott Peterson

Washington Times - Iraqi Cabinet approves 2011 deal

Reuters - Iraq cabinet backs pact giving U.S. troops 3 years, by Ahmed Rasheed and Aws Qusay



November 16

LA Times - Bomb kills five outside Baghdad's National Theater, by Tina Susman

BBC - Many killed in Iraq bomb attacks

Reuters - FACTBOX - Security developments in Iraq, Nov 16

Associated Press - US helicopters in SKorea move to Iraq, Afghanistan

Reuters - Iraq struggles to sweet Saddam's landmine legacy, by Assel Kami

November 17

Reuters - FACTBOX - Security developments in Iraq

Long War Journal - Leaving Baghdad, batallion recalls a long deployment, by Wesley Morgan

DefenseLink Mil - Troops in Iraq Kill Two Suspected Terrorists, Capture 14, Seize Weapons, from AFPS

Long War Journal - After nemisis' death, Sons of Iraq leader recovers from attack, by Nathan Webster

Washington Post - Mask Ban Upsets Iraqis Hired as U.S. Interpreters, by Ernesto Londono

Telegraph UK - 'Mother of all suicide bombers' warns of rise in attacks, by Aqeel Hussein in Baquba and Damien McElroy



Afghanistan and Pakistan

November 16

LA Times - Afghans take hands-on approach against opium

Times Online UK - War on Taliban sparks refugee crisis, by Marie Colvin

LA Times - Pakistan seeking emergency loan from IMF, from AP

LA Times - 32 Pakistanis dead in aerial attacks, from AP

Long War Journal - Pakistan closes border crossing to NATO traffic, by Bill Roggio

CBS News - Pakistan President: "It's Our War"

November 17

Reuters - Afghan Taliban reject Karzai's safety vow, by Sayed Salahuddin

Washington Post - Karzai Makes Offer to Taliban, by Candace Rondeaux

New York Times - Karzai Offers Passage to Taliban Leader for Talks, by John F. Burns

Washington Post - Some Trucks Denied Entry to Afghanistan, by Riaz Khan and Fisnik Abrashi

Reuters - Pakistan to re-open Khyber to supply Western forces, by Kamran Haider

Times Online UK - Pakistan turns to friends in its hour of need, by Jeremy Page




11/16 Wall Street Journal - Israel Launches Airstrikes in Gaza, from AP

11/17 New York Times - Israel Kills 4 Militants in Gaza Strip, by Isabel Kershner and Taghreed El-Khodary

11/17 Reuters - Israel lets limited aid into Hamas-run Gaza Strip, by Abed Shana


11/17 LA Times - In Lebanon, puritanical Sunnis and a reputed playboy team up in politics, by Daragahi


11/17 Reuters - Iran vice-president under fire over Koran "dance", by Edward Blair

11/17 Reuters - Barack Obama brings hope of Iran talks, says Shimon Peres, by Richard Beeston

11/17 Reuters - Iran denies report 10 spies detained near Pakistan

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