ISW News Roundup - November 3, 2008


New York Times - For Family in Iraq, Drop in Deaths Is Not Enough, by Katherine Zoepf and Sam Dagher

BBC - Seven dead in Baghdad bomb blasts

Associated Press - Police: Bombings kill 9, wound at least 33 in Iraq, by Hamid Ahmed

Agence France Presse - Anti-Qaeda tribal chief and family killed in Iraq

Christian Science Monitor - In Iraq's Diyala Province, US forces anticipate exit, by Scott Peterson

Agence France Presse - Iraqi Kurd says US can have bases in northern Iraq

Chicago Tribune - Iraq plans to cut Sunni fighters' salaries, by Liz Sly

Telegraph UK - Iraqi city calls for US raids on Syria, by Damien McElroy

Reuters - FACTBOX: Security developments in Iraq, Nov 3


Politics and Economy

Reuters - Iraq lawmakers approve minority seats for 09 polls, by Waleed Ibrahim

Reuters - Iraq cuts interest rate to 15% to shield economy


Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Associated Press - With an eye on security pact, Iraqis watch US vote, by Sameer N. Yacoub

Washington Times - U.S. weighs U.N. option to remain in Iraq, by Nicholas Kralev

Voice of America - Iraq: US reply to Security Pact Changes After Election

Associated Press - Analysis: Iraq could weigh down new president, by Steven R. Hurst




BBC - Paradox of power in ailing Egypt, by Christian Fraser


Xinhua -Increasing kidnapping cases worsen Afghanistan's already chaotic situation, by Abdul Haleem and Lin Jing

Associated Press - Police: Gunmen kidnap French aid worker in Kabul, by Rahim Faiez


New York Times - Israel Acts to Cut Off Funds to Illegal Settlements, by Isabel Kershner


Long War Journal - Suicide attack in South Waziristan threatens government's truce with Taliban, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Pakistan warns Petraeus against missile strikes, Nahal Toosi

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