ISW News Roundup - September 16, 2009

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New York Times - Military Chief Suggests Need to Enlarge U.S. Afghan Force, by Thom Shanker

Washington Post - Mullen: More Troops 'Probably' Needed, by Ann Scott Tyson

Wall Street Journal - Call for an Afghan Surge, by Yochi J. Dreazen

Reuters - U.S. needs shrewder Afghan strategy, say experts, by Luke Baker

CNN - Poll: Support for Afghan war at all-time low, by Paul Steinhauser

Associated Press - NATO Says 3 U.S. Service Members Die in Afghan Blast

Reuters - Al Qaeda calls for foreign kidnappings in Afghanistan, by Michael Perry

Times Online UK - Japan ready to withdraw support for Afghanistan war, by Richard Lloyd Parry

Washington Post - Diplomat in Kabul Leaves in Dispute, by Pamela Constable and Karen DeYoung

Reuters - U.N. says Afghan envoys differ in style, not substance, by Patrick Worsnip

New York Times - Afghan Recount Presents Huge Task, by Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Sangar Rahimi

Associated Press - Full preliminary results expected from Afghan vote, by Heidi Vogt

Reuters - Europe Says One Third of Karzai's Votes Suspect

Reuters - Karzai camp calls EU vote fraud claim irresponsible



Wall Street Journal - Biden, on Iraq Trip, Will Meet Maliki, by Gina Chon

Washington Post - Biden Makes Unannounced Trip to Iraq, Is Welcomed By Mortar Fire, by Scott Wilson

New York Times - 3 Arrested in Iraq Attack on Embassy, by Steven Lee Myers

Reuters - Iraqi Green Zone attack suspects released

Washington Post - In Checkpoint Scrawl, Reality's Counterpoint, by Anthony Shadid

Washington Post - Iraqi Shoe Thrower Is Out of Prison, by Nada Bakri

Associated Press - Iraqi official: Talks with Syria over attacks fail, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra



Associated Press - Guard at Pakistani oil terminal slain by attackers

BBC - Pakistani Taliban leader arrested, by Syed Shoaib Hasan




Christian Science Monitor - Obama's first Somalia strike hits Al Qaeda suspect, by Scott Baldauf

Long War Journal - Commando raid in Somalia is latest in covert operations across the globe, by Bill Roggio

LA Times - U.S. careful of civilians in Somalia raid, official says, by Julian E. Barnes and Edmund Sanders

Reuters - Somali rebels call for foreign reinforcements, by Mohamed Ahmed

Wall Street Journal - U.N. Probes if Somali Contractors Are Diverting Aid, Funding Rebels, by Sarah Childress


New York Times - Billion-Dollar Pyramid Scheme Rivets Lebanon, by Robert F. Worth

Reuters - Hariri to try forming Lebanon government again, by Tom Perry


New York Times - Clinton Lays Out Iran Requirements, by Mark Landler

Washington Post - U.N. Panel Accuses Israel, Hamas of War Crimes, by Colum Lynch

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Wall Street Journal - Spy Chief Says U.S. Hunting al Qaeda More Effectively, by Siobhan Gorman

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