ISW News Roundup - September 18, 2009

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RFE/RL - Defense Official Warns Taliban May Spill Into Tajikistan

New York Times - Afghan Vote Uncertainty Sparks Dilemma for U.S., by Mark Landler and Helene Cooper

Washington Post - Gates to Boost 'Enablers' In Afghanistan Mission, by Ann Scott Tyson

BBC - Efforts to win Afghan hearts and minds, by Lyse Doucet

Associated Press - Bombs kill Canadian, US troops in Afghanistan, by Kay Johnson

Reuters - Casualties hit Italian support for Afghan mission, by Stephen Brown

CNN - Berlusconi seeking Afghan exit for Italian troops, by Hada Messia

Reuters - U.S., British generals lay out complex Afghan picture, by Luke Baker

Times Online UK - General Sir David Richards: allied failure 'would intoxicate terrorists', by Michael Evans and Tom Coghlan

Reuters - Britain must "see it through" in Afghanistan: general, by Luke Baker

RFE/RL - White House Girds For Afghan Troop Debate, by Heather Maher

Christian Science Monitor - Will Japan's new leaders continue to support US in Afghanistan? by Takehiko Kambayashi



Washington Times - Iraqi predicts fraud in election, by Eli Lake

Reuters - Turkish army seeks extension of N. Iraq mandate: TV

Associated Press - US military training Iraqi prison guards, by Jason Keyser

Associated Press - Biden: US will follow Iraq wishes on troop pullout, by David Rising

Reuters - Biden presses Iraqis to agree on oil, land, by Ross Colvin



LA Times - Pakistani Al Qaeda leader killed in U.S. strike, by Alex Rodriguez and Zulfiqar Ali

New York Times - Suicide Blast Kills 25 in Pakistan, by Pir Zubair Shah

Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan tests civilian militias to keep Taliban out of Swat valley, by Issam Ahmed




Washington Post - Iran's Envoy Sees Upcoming Talks as an Opening, by Joby Warrick

New York Times - Clashes Reported as Iranians Hold Demonstrations, by Alan Cowell

Associated Press - Thousands march in Iran opposition protests, by Nasser Karimi

Reuters - Iran security forces clash with protestors: witness

Reuters - Iranian president raises stakes against Israel, by Parisa Hafezi and Firouz Sedarat

Christian Science Monitor - Ahmadinejad says he won't rule out an Iran nuclear bomb, by Arthur Bright


Washington Post - U.S. Rejects U.N. Proposal to Compel War Crimes Probes of Gaza Conflict, by Colum Lynch

Washington Post - A Deadly Palestinian Divide, by Howard Schneider

Missile Shield

New York Times - Obama's Missile Plan Might Not Satisfy Russia, by Peter Baker

Christian Science Monitor - US shifts missile defense from Europe to Navy ships, by Gordon Lubold

Associated Press - NATO chief proposes linked US/Russian/NATO defense, by Robert Wielaard


Long War Journal - Shabaab suicide attack kills 9, including senior African Union commander, by Bill Roggio

Reuters - Somali government says rebels have more car bombs ready, by Abdi Sheikh

Associated Press - Envoy to Somalia pleads for help after attack, by Malkhadir M. Muhumed


BBC - Cold War roots of Yemen conflict, by Ginny Hill

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