ISW News Roundup - September 28, 2009

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New York Times - White House Believes Karzai Will Be Re-elected, by Helene Cooper and Mark Landler

Washington Post - U.S., Allies Vow Support for Karzai, by Karen DeYoung

Associated Press - Afghan Official Threatens to Quit After Attack

Associated Press - Taliban Kill Four in Attack on Afghan Energy Minister

Associated Press - 12 Afghans die in insurgent ambush, roadside bomb, by Rahim Faiez

Reuters - Four French soldiers die in Afghan incidents

Washington Post - Diverse Sources Fund Insurgency In Afghanistan, by Craig Whitlock

Reuters - Afghanistan needs more NATO help to fight drugs

Washington Post - McChrystal Says Insurgents Are Winning Communications Battle, by Walter Pincus

Department of Defense - McChrystal: Conventional Strategy Won't Win in Afghanistan, by Gerry J. Gilmore

Reuters - U.S. commander offers troop options for Afghanistan

Christian Science Monitor - US military united on Afghanistan troop request, by Gordon Lubold

Times Online UK - British general supports request for 40,000 new troops in Afghanistan, by Jerome Starkey

Times Online UK - Britain calls for mini-surge in Afghanistan to help train army, by Michael Evans

Washington Post - No Deadline Set for Decision on Troops, by Bob Woodward

Wall Street Journal - Gates: Setting Afghan Withdrawal Date Would Be 'Strategic Mistake', by Jon Hilsenrath and Yochi J. Dreazen

Christian Science Monitor - NATO chief on Afghanistan: We're not running from the fight, by Ben Hancock

Reuters - NATO not running from Afghanistan fight: Rasmussen, by Phil Stewart



Reuters - Iraq bomb attacks end Ramadan lull

BBC - Iraq frees 'kidnap group' members

Reuters - Iraq minibus bomb kills six

Wall Street Journal - Disunity Threatens Sunni Iraq, by Gina Chon

New York Times - Many Investors Still Avoid Risks of Iraq, by Steven Lee Myers

Times Online UK - Bribes firm ordered to pay $6m for breaching Iraq sanctions, by Frances Gibb



Reuters - Pakistani tribal leader among 5 dead in blast

Long War Journal - Suicide bomber kills Pakistani tribal leader, by Bill Roggio

LA Times - Pakistan suicide attacks signal Taliban's determination, by Alex Rodriguez

Reuters - Q+A: Has the back of the Pakistani Taliban been broken? by Kamran Haider




LA Times - U.S., allies to press Iran for free access to facility, by Jim Puzzanghera and Christi Parsons

New York Times - Iran Reported to Have Tested Long-Range Missiles, by Alan Cowell

Washington Post - Iran Test Fires Most Advanced Missiles, by William Branigin, Walter Pincus and Karen DeYoung

New York Times - U.S. Is Seeking a Range of Sanctions Against Iran, by Mark Landler

LA Times - Defense Secretary Robert Gates says severe sanctions on Iran could work, by Paul Richter


Voice of America - Yemeni Military Says Dozens Killed in Fighting With Rebels

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