Iran Update, June 2, 2024

June 2, 2024 - ISW Press

Unspecified US and Israeli officials said that Israel adjusted its military operations in Rafah to avoid crossing the US Joe Biden administration’s red lines. Israel originally planned to deploy two divisions to conduct clearing operations in Rafah. The United States expressed concern that such action could increase civilian casualties significantly. President Biden said on May 8 that the United States will stop supplying Israel with certain weapons if Israel conducts a major military operation into Rafah. The latest reporting is consistent with other reports that Israel was planning a limited attack targeting Hamas in Rafah and that the IDF is moving “more deliberately” in Rafah.

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 2, 2024

June 2, 2024 - ISW Press

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with US and Singaporean officials and highlighted the upcoming Global Peace Summit during the International Institute for Strategic Studies' (IISS) Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on June 2. Zelensky met with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss the battlefield situation, Ukraine's need for additional air defense systems, and the importance of Ukraine's ability to strike Russian military targets near Kharkiv Oblast.

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 1, 2024

June 1, 2024 - ISW Press

Russian forces conducted a large-scale drone and missile strike mainly targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure on the night of May 31 to June 1.

Iran Update, June 1, 2024

June 1, 2024 - ISW Press

The IDF Air Force has killed three Hamas officials in the central Gaza Strip over the past week. Israeli forces continued clearing operations in Rafah.

China-Taiwan Weekly Update, May 30, 2024

May 31, 2024 - ISW Press

Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan (LY) passed legislative reforms to strengthen the legislature’s oversight powers over the government.

Iran Update, May 31, 2024

May 31, 2024 - ISW Press

US President Joe Biden urged Hamas to agree to the latest Israeli ceasefire and hostage-release proposal on May 31.

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 31, 2024

May 31, 2024 - ISW Press

US and German officials confirmed that the United States and Germany have changed their policies to allow Ukraine to use US- and German-provided weapons to strike Russian territory with some restrictions but did not offer precise details about these restrictions.

Ukraine Conflicts Updates January 2 to May 31, 2024

May 31, 2024 - ISW Press

This page is a collection of ISW and CTP's Ukraine War updates

Africa File, May 31, 2024: Russian Red Sea Logistics Center in Sudan

May 31, 2024 - ISW Press

Russia is planning to build a logistical support center on Sudan’s Red Sea coast, which it likely intends to use to advance its efforts to secure a Russian naval base in Sudan. Russia’s backing of the SAF aligns Iranian and Russian policies and strategies in the region.

Iran Update, May 30, 2024

May 30, 2024 - ISW Press

Israel withdrew some IDF units from Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip on May 30, according to local Palestinian sources. The partial Israeli withdrawal from Jabalia follows some of the most intense fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters during the war.