Russian Military Activity: October 21 - 27, 2015

October 27, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russia continued to shape conditions on the ground in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East following the air safety memorandum of understanding signed with the U.S. on October 20, 2015.

Russian Military Activity: October 14 - 21, 2015

October 21, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russia reached an understanding with the U.S. on air safety guidelines in Syria on October 20,  but Russia's aggressive maneuvers against U.S. aircraft and violations of Turkish airspace are likely to continue in order to keep U.S. air power in the Middle East in check.

Russian Military Activity: October 8 - 14, 2015

October 14, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

President Vladimir Putin seeks to project Russian military force forward into the territory of the former Soviet Union while competing with the U.S. for influence in the Middle East.

Russian Military Activity: October 1-8, 2015

October 9, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russia's Syrian campaign is part of larger confrontation with the U.S. and NATO.  In addition to expanding the scope of its operations to bolster the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Russia issued an open challenge to NATO through repeated violations of Turkish airspace, the shadowing of U.S. Predator drones in Syria, and the launch of cruise missiles into Syria from the Caspian Sea through Iraqi airspace without warning the U.S. beforehand. Russia accelerated its efforts to court U.S.

Ukraine Crisis Update: September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russia and the separatists continued their operational pause in eastern Ukraine as Russia turned its attention toward its creation of a forward operating base in Syria ahead of President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the UN General Assembly on September 28.

Ukraine Crisis Update: September 9, 2015

September 9, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russian-backed separatists have dialed back offensive operations in connection with a September 1 ceasefire agreement.

Ukraine Crisis Update: September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russian-backed separatists initially abided by a short-term ceasefire beginning September 1, which was designed to reduce the number of civilian casualties during the first week of the Ukrainian school year.

Ukraine Crisis Update: August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russian-backed separatists continued to engage Ukrainian forces with indirect fire along the front line in Donbas, as talks resumed on the implementation of the February “Minsk II” ceasefire agreement. Separatist indirect fire killed two Ukrainian troops less than 10 kilometers outside of Mariupol, one week after a separatist artillery barrage killed three civilians in a suburb of the strategic port city.

Ukraine Crisis Update: August 20, 2015

August 24, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

Russian-backed separatists launched a rare artillery barrage on the northeastern outskirts of the strategic government-held port city of Mariupol on August 16.

Ukraine Crisis Update: August 12, 2015

August 24, 2015 - Hugo Spaulding

On August 10, Russian-backed separatist forces launched their largest combined arms assault against Ukrainian forces in the past two months.