Afghanistan Order of Battle

The Afghanistan ORBAT describes the location and area of responsibility of all American units in Afghanistan, down to the battalion level, updated as of April 2014.

Why U.S. Troops Must Stay in Afghanistan

Will the United States continue to conduct counterterrorism operations in South Asia? That question is central to any discussion about U.S. troop presence and mission in Afghanistan.

The Northern Alliance Prepares for Afghan Elections in 2014

Afghan history suggests that any stable political accommodation after 2014 will be contingent upon incorporating Jamiat-e Islami. The engagement of key Jamiat-e Islami politicians will be critical to a smooth regime transition in Afghanistan post-Karzai.

How many troops does the U.S. need in Afghanistan?

Three thousand troops are not sufficient to keep even a single U.S. military base in Afghanistan after 2014. This report, released jointly with AEI's Critical Threats Project, describes how to calculate the force requirements for keeping one base in Afghanistan.

How to Waste a Decade in Afghanistan-The Wall Street Journal

Leaving a bare-bones U.S. presence will risk a return of the Taliban—and civil war.

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The Afghanistan Project at the Institute for the Study of War produces detailed publications on the changing security and political dynamics in Afghanistan. Research analysts document the pattern of enemy activity in Afghanistan and Pakistan; military operations by Coalition and Afghan forces; the implications of the drawdown of Surge forces; and the political, economic, and demographic dynamics underlying the conflict.

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Afghanistan - Order of Battle

The Afghanistan ORBAT (in PDF format) describes the location and area of responsibility of all American units in Afghanistan, down to the battalion level, updated as of February 2014.

The Formation of Electoral Alliances in Afghan Politics in the 2014 Presidential Season

Candidates for Afghanistan’s 2014 elections will declare their intent to run by October 6. The most prominent candidates, Zalmai Rassoul & Abdullah Abdullah, represent the two main factions that will decide the 2014 election: the Karzai-Establishment & anti-Karzai opposition.

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The Folly of Abandoning Afghanistan

If America's experience in Iraq offers any single, unambiguous lesson, it is the folly of just walking away. The United States must not repeat this mistake in Afghanistan. Isolation and disengagement have severely damaged American credibility and security, as can be seen most dramatically in Ukraine today.

Jeffrey Dressler Named to Diplomatic Courier's Top 99 Under 33

Jeffrey Dressler, ISW Senior Research Analyst and Afghanistan/Pakistan Team Lead, was named to this year's Top 99 Under 33 list by Diplomatic Courier. Read more.