Ukraine's presidential election has moved into a second, run-off round between the incumbent president and a comedian who is a newcomer to politics. ISW analysts are monitoring the lead-up to the April 19 second round vote and how it will shape the future of a key NATO and U.S. partner in Europe.

ISIS lost its last zone of territorial control in Syria in March 2019. Yet the group's resurgent campaign continues to gain momentum across Iraq and Syria. The latest ISW assessment covers key developments in ISIS's campaign.

The Kremlin’s increasingly assertive foreign policy, including its invasion of Ukraine and intervention in Syria, came unexpectedly to many in the West. These events were nonetheless mere extensions of the worldview held by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Turkey and Russia are deepening their military cooperation in Syria in a dangerous sign of a wider shift to a closer strategic relationship between the two countries' leaders.

The U.S. decision to stay in Syria will prevent the immediate takeover of valuable natural resources and infrastructure in Eastern Syria by Iran, Assad, and Russia. Yet the pro-Assad axis is continuing to build out options to challenge the American presence over time.

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