Iraq Situation Report:  April 16-17, 2015

The situation in Anbar has deteriorated over the last two days as ISIS made further gains around the city and launched an assault on the city center.

ISIS Expansion into Southwestern Syria Threatens Previously-Stable Zones of Regime Control as Prominent Southern Rebel Factions Claim Opposition to JN


ISIS lost control over central Tikrit following an offensive by the ISF and allied forces with the support of coalition airstrikes. Meanwhile, ISIS intensified its military campaign in central and western Syria. 

JN’s success in Idlib will likely validate the al-Qaeda grand strategy in the view of many within the global jihadist community.  Find the areas in Syria where JN controls, attacks, and has permissive terrain.

The success or failure of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan has reached a critical juncture. The risks of insufficient action are clear and threaten to reverse what progress has been made.

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