Fighting in northern Iraq has accelerated. The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is seeking to regain the momentum after suffering major territorial loses and setbacks recently in the strategic town of Baiji in Salah ad-Din province and the towns of Jalula and Sadia in Diyala province. 

ISW has updated its ISIS Sanctuary map! This map, covering both Iraq and Syria, shows the extent of ISIS zones of control, attack, and support throughout both countries. 

JN’s ability to sideline moderate elements in Idlib challenges the viability of the U.S. “train and assist” mission for these elements.

Rebel gains in southern Syria and efforts to sever regime supply routes north and south of Damascus indicate that the regime has lost momentum in the capital region.

ISW Senior Naval Analyst Christopher Harmer, discuss and analyzes an ISIS video posted online showing grenades, which it is claiming were dropped by US forces.

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