ISW Releases Report on President Karzai’s Comeback

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Contact: Megan Ortagus
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Feb 4, 2011

Haseeb Humayoon authors a new report that reveals the power politics behind the Afghanistan election which enabled Hamid Karzai's controversial re-election

Washington, D.C. - The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has released a fourth report in the Afghanistan series, The Re-election of Hamid Karzai by Haseeb Humayoon. This probing research publication offers an on-the-ground view of the 2009 Afghanistan Presidential election and the maturing political processes.

"In 2009, the U.S. miscalculated Karzai's ability to out maneuver his rivals and retain a second term as President. America lost vital political capital as a result of how they handled the Presidential election," explained ISW Research Analyst Haseeb Humayoon who served as the Communications and Operations Advisor to the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan from July to September 2009.

"Political actors and power brokers continue to rise in reach and stature but the challenge remains with nascent governmental institutions which are still weak." Haseeb continued, "Under the radar, a new nucleus in Afghan politics has formed, full of ambitious technocrats working in the government."

The 2 page executive summary and 41 page report by ISW provides an authoritative explanation of the new dynamics emerging among Afghanistan political elites. This evolving political class will affect the course of American objectives in the region throughout 2010 and beyond.

Download The Re-election of Hamid Karzai by Haseeb Humayoon

On Monday, February 8th, ISW will host an afternoon briefing with President Kimberly Kagan and Haseeb Humayoon to discuss the report and its finding with media and policy makers. For more details on the Afghanistan briefing this Monday, please visit

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