ISW Hosts General Raymond T. Odierno

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Contact: Megan Ortagus
(863) 398-8164 cell
February 18, 2010

General Odierno candidly discussed the challenges facing Iraq in the coming election and the prospect for long term success

Washington, D.C. - The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) was honored to host General Ray Odierno for a conversation with Dr. Kimberly Kagan entitled, The Future of Iraq: A Conversation with General Raymond T. Odierno. General Odierno discussed the political challenges facing Iraq this election year, the security challenges that the American drawdown will pose to Iraq, malign influence from Iran, and the potential for long-term success.

"General Odienro's discussion highlights the continued importance of Iraq to America's national security priorities in the Middle East. He reminds us that continued U.S. engagement with the government of Iraq is essential even as we drawdown forces. The United States must help strengthen Iraq's democratic processes, prevent conflict and create a security force capable of defending Iraqis and fighting terrorism," said ISW President Kimberly Kagan.

General Odierno also praised ISW's work saying, "We appreciate you and the work that you do. ISW is an important outside voice providing a fresh perspective on the challenges we face."

The event was part of ISW's Field Reports, a military speaker series which hosts commanders returning from Iraq or Afghanistan in a series that offers an unvarnished view of the wars, fresh from the field. Past guests include: General David Petraeus, Major Generals Michael Jones, Mark Hertling, and Robert Caslen; Brigadier General Joseph Anderson; and Colonels David Sutherland, Stephen Twitty, Ricky Gibbs, H.R. McMaster, Charles Flynn, Christopher Kolenda, and William Hickman.

Transcript and video of the event are available on ISW's website.

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